Monday, October 4, 2010

Former cops turn to ghost hunting in California

A paranormal investigative team made up of former cops was formed in California. For almost a decade, members of Paranormal Investigative Technology have been applying investigative techniques learned as officers, detectives, and more, to searching for evidence of the paranormal.

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Former cops turn to ghost hunting in California

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sweet Tooth Attack

Darn darn darn! I soooo want something sweet and oh so not healthy, not that I'm that big of a health nut, I figure if I write this down, I might not succumb. Any other time and I'd be digging into my stash of goodies, or making something... the reason I am resisting is because of something I learned as a teen, sugar tends to lower my resistance (health), I learned this by trial and error because of allergies, hay fever is what it used to be called. I used to have to take a handful of antihistimine pills just to get through lunch rush when I worked at a fast food joint. I found out that if I cut out sugar during the months when my allergies were at their worst (itchy red eyes, nose running like a faucet, sneezing 10 times in a row...) if I quit all sugar then most if not all of my symptoms went away.

As an older adult, I have not had many problems with seasonal allergies, in fact the most I usually ever suffer with is the itchy red eye thing, I just use eye drops with an antihistamine and it is usually over in a couple of weeks, I might sneeze once or twice, nothing more. Since moving to a completely different area, I wondered how my body might react to different allergy stimulus, but didn't think too much about it. The first 2 years and I had little to no problems, well this year has been different. It started out with the red itchy eyes, now I'm doing the sneezing, runny nose thing, not anything like I did as a teen, but darn it, I don't want to go through this every year! The eye drops are not helping much either, I broke down and bought some generic Benedryl, I've only taken it once, I don't intend to make that a habit.

Today, I decided enough was enough, my eyes itching, my nose running then plugging up. I pulled out my DIY netipot, it's a water bottle with a sports top, I made up a batch of warm water with salt and a few sprays of food grade H2O2 diluted down to 3%, I put my head over the sink and poured the warm salty water through my nose, first one side then the other. I did this again about 20 minutes later. I didn't take any antihistamine, though I did do the eye drops. It worked, my sinuses dried up to normal, and I didn't have to blow my nose all day. This is something I may have to do on a daily basis until the allergy season is gone.

To top all of that off, I broke out with fever blisters, something that happens occasionally, but this time it hit with a vengeance! I can usually feel them before they fully form, if I catch it quick enough I can medicate with Abriva and they never show, for some reason this time around I either didn't notice the first signs or they never happened and went directly into forming blisters. I usually only have one blister, and they don't usually get big, this time I have 3 separate clusters on my bottom lip and they are particularly bad. I have been been very careful to wash my hands a lot, don't want to spread this to anyone, I have been taking zinc, vitamin C and echinacea, all in hopes of ending my lip torture sooner, once the blisters have formed, it's almost too late to stop it, it just has to run its course, I'm glad I'm not going out in public too much, yeah I can be vain about some things, especially big ugly blisters on my bottom lip. :)

I rarely get sick, rarely! And when I do, I tend to not get the major symptoms that most everyone else gets, I usually get over the rare illness pretty quickly, for whatever reason, I have had several things hitting me at once, seemingly unrelated, but who knows, no one really knows the triggers for fever blisters, and the allergy thing I blame on my diet lately. I haven't been eating right the last month, my Dad came out for a visit and we ate rather richly (yeah, I enjoyed it!) and ate lots more sweets than normal, I've even been drinking sodas, something I haven't done on a regular basis in years, and now I think I'm paying for it (not your fault Dad, I could have and should have done better).

So now, I have to get back on track and eat right, not that I'm a major health nut, I just don't eat a lot of sweets and sodas, I definitely don't eat the diet crap, that's worse than eating the sugar laden stuff in the first place. When I want something sweet, I usually make something, there is a cinnamon biscuit I enjoy making and eating, I put in lots of freshly ground flax seed, chia seed and millet, there is real sugar in it but not much, and with the addition of cinnamon, that helps to counteract the sugar's effect on the body, that usually takes care of my sweet tooth without too much harm done. I don't have an exact recipe, I just don't cook that way, but here is basically what I do, I take about a tablespoon of each of the above named seeds and run them through a coffee grinder, then I add them to about a cup of Bisquick, a tablespoon of sugar, a hard dash or two of cinnamon, then add enough water to make a biscuit dough, I preheat a cast iron comal (flat cast iron pan) and place golf ball sized bits of dough on the hot pan, I put a lid on top and cook it for a few minutes on one side, turn over and cook for a few more minutes, long enough for the biscuit to be fully cooked through. I enjoy pouring raw honey or agave syrup on the hot biscuits and eating them up! The scent of cinnamon wafting though the house is irresistible!

OK, enough complaining, the sweet tooth has passed, now I can go back to surfing the internet and getting to bed soon.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two Wolves

This is a story I heard a long time ago, it's still very true.

Two Wolves
A Cherokee Legend

An old Cherokee is teaching his grandson about life. "A fight is going on inside me," he said to the boy.

"It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil - he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego." He continued, "The other is good - he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. The same fight is going on inside you - and inside every other person, too."

The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, "Which wolf will win?"

The old Cherokee simply replied, "The one you feed."

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Light Ball Sighting - Update

A quick update on the golden light ball sightings, a couple of days ago, my dad and I were at my neighbor's house, I was coming out of the kitchen, my dad was sitting on a chair in the living room, as I was walking into the living room I saw what I thought was a mouse run across the room, my dad also saw the same thing, only in a slightly different location, maybe a couple of feet away from where I saw it. My little dog was walking in front of me, she stopped at the same time the "mouse" ran across the floor, that's what made me stop and look down, I didn't want to kick my dog. I don't remember who asked first, but each of us asked the other if we saw what we saw, I assumed it was a mouse and set some mouse traps with peanut butter. Some days have passed and the traps are still set, no dead mice in sight, I discussed what we saw with my dad and have come to the conclusion that it wasn't a mouse that we saw, it was another golden ball of light. Here are the reasons:
  • a mouse wouldn't cross the living room floor during the day
  • a mouse wouldn't come out with so much activity in the room, the TV was on, there were 2 people and 2 dogs running around
  • both of our dogs would have reacted much differently to a mouse, especially my dog since it happened right in front of her and she stopped walking, she never went after it or barked, she would have if it had been a mouse
  • the traps have not caught anything
  • there is no other evidence that there are mice in the house
  • the fact that my dad and I saw it at the same time, but in slightly different places
  • I never saw where the "mouse" went, it was in front of me then it was gone
  • I never actually saw that it was a mouse, it was the same size and relative shape, color and such as a mouse, but I never saw any details that would suggest a mouse

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Golden Light Ball Sighting

My Dad is here for a visit, he drove 500 miles and will be staying for a month. He has been here just a few days. Yesterday, he mentioned something interesting to me, he had been down at my neighbor's house watching TV, no one else was in the house at that moment, and he saw a golden colored ball of light appear under a set of shelves in the living room, next to the TV, it appeared and moved toward the inside of the room then vanished. There is nothing down there that should or could have created this light. My Dad asked me if I had ever seen this before, I have, many times, but I know I haven't told him about it, we have not discussed this particular thing before, I just did a quick search of this blog and I haven't written anything specific about this either, so my Dad independently confirmed the golden colored light sighting for me.

Not sure exactly what it means, it just appears, moved away from the shelf, close to the floor then it vanishes. I don't get any particular feeling about it, I just see it then it's gone. Now someone else has seen the exact same thing in the exact same place where I see it.

I also found out that my Dad has been seeing a phantom dog of his own, it looks just like his dog, I wonder what this phenomena is? Seeing your own dog as a phantom dog, that is a strange thing indeed. Dear reader, I ask you, have you ever seen a phantom of your own pet that was still alive? Do you have any theories or thoughts about this?


Worry is the belief in a negative outcome...

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened At The Church...

It's been a while since I've written anything here, just didn't have much going on spirit wise, nothing out of the ordinary that is, other than the usual sightings of shadows, movements and such. It seems that my spiritual activity (that includes more than just spirits BTW) seems to come in waves, starting out slow, building up to intense, then slowing down to nearly nothing. I am in the ramping up phase of this newest wave. Oh, I don't try to make it happen or not happen, it just is.

So recently things have began happening again, I have been observing it mostly, I generally don't actively interact with what goes on, I'm pretty content to (mostly) observe. Here is the latest thing to happen, and of all places, it happened in a church. ;)

I went to our local church to talk to the pastor a few days ago, he is a nice man, I like him and feel pretty comfortable with him. Of course I haven't gone into any detail, or even skirted about my spiritual side, many clergy do not understand so I tend to keep that part to myself. Anyhoo, this was the first time I had been inside the church itself, I had been in the other part of the church, where they hold meetings and such, but not inside the main part of the church. During our chat, the sky opened up and it began to pour rain, lightening, thunder, hail, the whole 9 yards. The pastor mentioned that the last big expenditure of the church was to have a new roof put on, it was clear to see that the church has leaked, quite a lot in the past, but he assured me that since the new roof had been put on, not one drop had entered the church.

At the end of our chat, he was walking me out, another person was coming in, this person knew I was leaving and tried 3 times to give me his umbrella. I politely turned it down as we were walking toward the door, then I stopped, right in the center of the church, there is a big cupola with windows overhead. I stopped and looked straight up, the pastor asked me if I had just been hit with a drip of water, I replied "No, I'm waiting for it to start...", right then we both turned around toward the pulpit, there was water pouring in on top of the pulpit! The pastor was surprised but sprang into action, that was something he had dealt with on a regular basis before the new roof.  Once everything was safely out of the path of the water, and a trash can placed under the torrent, we again started walking out of the church.

The other person who had come in still insisted that I take his umbrella, it was still pouring very hard, I would have gotten drenched before I could have entered my car, again I said no, that it would stop raining in a few minutes, at least long enough for me to get to my car. No sooner than I said that, the rain began to slack off, and in a minute or so, the rain had all but stopped. That was my cue to leave.

I wonder now that the pastor has had time to digest everything that happened in the church, what he thinks of me? Understand that I wasn't doing anything unusual for me, and I wasn't trying to do this, it just happened and I reacted as I would any other time, I wasn't putting on a "show" for the pastor, I wasn't trying to test his reaction. I will say that I have been to ladies meetings led by his wife, and I have been around his wife at other times, she tells me that she likes it when I am around, I have a calming spirit (her words).  So if the pastor tells his wife about what happened in the church, I hope she still has the same feelings about me, I'll know next time I see them. :)

Oh, I almost forgot, we prayed at the beginning and at the end of our chat, he prayed out loud, I prayed silently as is my custom, I had my hands on the small table between us, at each prayer my hands tingled like crazy, this is something that happens all of the time now, any time I pray, any time I am sending out healing energy, or blessings, my hands immediately tingle, I often feel as if there is an energy ball, about the size of a basketball between my hands, this has become the norm, I usually look for it to happen, this time it happened spontaneously, I wasn't expecting it, I wasn't not expecting it either (I know, bad English, get over it, grin), perhaps I was not expecting it because I was praying with a member of the clergy one on one, and this was the first time those two things happened at the same time in many MANY years. I wondered, during the prayer, if he had opened his eyes, would he have seen anything on or near my hands?

Friday, June 4, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010



If we were meant to be angry, depressed, unhappy or sad (in life) then we would be completely satisfied in that state...


Friday, January 29, 2010

OK, now what?

So how does one reconcile the fact that I hear a voice (inside my head) that isn't ME, yet I know I'm perfectly sane, at least by most medical and psychological standards? Oh, I'm not having a problem with this, but the rest of the world sure might. I had a psychologist, who knew me very well, tell me that I should apply for MENSA, she also told me that some of the less than sane people she dealt with were also some of the most intelligent and interesting people she knew. Hmmmm, makes you wonder...   Darn it, I miss her.

Let me tell you about this voice, it's been with me most, if not all of my life, as far back as I can remember. I don't have a conversation (or even argument) with this voice, it just breaks in every now and again when needed to give me some information. Some would call it my guardian angel, some might call it my higher self, or intuition, some might even say it was God, I never named it, it's not like that, it just is and always has been with me. When I hear it, it does sound very similar to my own thought track/chatter that goes on most of the time. But when I hear it, I know it didn't originate from MY thoughts. It's not intrusive, no it doesn't tell me to do crazy things, in fact it has guided me and helped me on more than one occasion.

In fact, the times I do get into "trouble" is when I don't listen to the voice. For example, I used to drive a half hour to work (and the same back home again). I had multiple ways I could go, sometimes I took the freeway, sometimes I took the back roads. I might be driving on the freeway, and the voice would say, "Take the next exit...", I was being directed to get off the freeway and go another way, so I would take the next exit, upon cresting the next hill, I would see the cars still on the freeway would be at a standstill, either a wreck, or some other reason the cars would not be moving. I was forewarned to take another route, I would miss the traffic jam and get to work (or home) in time. Sometimes I wouldn't see what the potential problem or reason was for the detour, but I always listened. 

It was when I didn't listen that things went wrong, like the time I was working at a fast food taco shack, it was a slow night, we were within an hour of closing, the other employee and I were taking a break in the office before starting our closing duties. We heard the front door open and customers walking in, we both got up and started walking toward the front counter. As I walked out of the office, I passed the back door, everything in my being was insisting very hard (in my head) for me to go out that door, leave and not to look back. I wrestled with that, how could I just walk out the back door for no apparent reason? How would I explain THAT to anyone, "Yeah, this "voice" in my head told me to do it...". 

So I walked up to the front counter, with that voice continuing to insist, very hard, that I turn around and go out the back door. Well it turned out that the "customers" who had walked in had other ideas besides buying tacos. They robbed us at gunpoint, that was one of the scariest nights of my life, looking into the wild eyes of the very high man who was pointing a loaded revolver in my face, he was yelling too. Things turned out ok, no one was hurt, I wonder how things might have turned out if I had LISTENED to that more than insistent voice that night?

Yeah, you bet I listen now, I have listened without hesitation from that night on.

Sometimes that voice tells me something that hasn't happened yet but will. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen on a semi-regular basis. When it happens, it's rather matter of fact, for instance I will be thinking about someone, and the "voice" says "________ will call...", or "You will see them soon...",  just like that, and it always happens like it says it will happen. I don't try to make this happen, I don't ask this voice for guidance, it is there when I need it though.

I wonder about other people who hear voices that aren't their own, people who aren't able to function in "normal" society, people who are classified as crazy, that man or woman who is standing in some public place carrying on a conversation with some unseen voice, of course now days that could just be someone talking on a hands free phone. But seriously, I wonder if these people are just wired differently are are hearing something that is every bit as real as me talking to you here? Maybe they have some chemistry or physical oddity in their brain that allows them to connect with the unknown, unseen but very real other dimensions.

Think about other animals and insects that can hear far above or below what we can hear, or what about those who can see into the spectrum that we are unable to perceive? The honey bee for example can see into the UV range, we are not supposed to be able to. I wonder if some of these people, considered on the fringes of society, the insane, the medicated, what if they are able to peer into these other realms, even interact with it, what if the rest of us are the ones with the limitations, what if we, the "normal" ones are really missing out on something wonderful?

I'm not saying that mental illness is something to strive for, nor am I making light of it, I realize it is a serious subject. I just try to think outside the box, maybe I'm wired a bit differently myself, and if I am, I would not have it any other way. :)

I did a Google search about this subject matter, it's interesting what I found.
Google Search
Hearing Voices

I started this post several weeks ago, I debated whether or not to publish it for the world to read, it is, after all, not generally considered acceptable to "hear voices" that aren't your own. I decided to go ahead and push the button and accept whatever comes my way as a result, I have bared a part of my inner self, my soul to you, my readers. This is who I am, my friends and family members who really know me, are often amazed when they learn how much this IS a part of my life, part of my psyche, part and parcel of who I am. One friend commented the other day that she just realized that I really DO listen to my intuition, I said "Yes, it's never lead me wrong."

A few days ago, something happened to me that many would have brushed off as coincidence, I don't now, though at the time I was perfectly happy to think it was nothing. I'm not ready to write about it yet, I will say that I might have a possible explanation for the things I see, the shadows, the movements, the dark and the light things. I'm still working on it, when I have something more concrete, something I can put down in writing, I'll post it here. Stay tuned.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Neighbor Is Fine

I spoke to my neighbor, it seems they are all ok with the exception of having the flu, so other than their illness, everything is ok. Still don't know who or what I saw before.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Strange Neighbor Sighting

Things have been pretty quiet, spirit wise for a while, that's pretty normal though, it seems to come and go in batches, I'll see a lot of activity then I will not see much of anything for a week or more. That is until Friday... I was going out to deliver some Sprite to an ill friend, on the way down to the bug, I was trying to see if my neighbor had come in yet, he and his lady friend were supposed to come in for the weekend. It was mid-day, well lit, we live in a rural, mountainous area with large lots so it takes a bit to walk down from my house to where we park, it's a bit of a distance from my property to my neighbor's property and there are quite a few trees. I walked across my property and started to walk over to my neighbor's side, I was still pretty far from his driveway, then I CLEARLY saw my neighbor's dog Sam, and my neighbor in their front yard, Sam was sitting in front of the porch on his long leash looking in my direction, my neighbor was over in the yard squatting on his haunches near some trees across the driveway. None of that was unusual, this is where I often see Sam, and I have come upon my neighbor "meditating" in or near the trees, usually sitting on a lower branch. I didn't see the truck though, which was strange, but I figured that maybe he had parked way around on the other end of the driveway, around on the other side of the garage area.  I decided not to continue going over there, I needed to get the Sprite to my ill friend, so I walked back to the bug and went on my way.

When I got home a while later, I went to my house and told Bob what I had seen, I started dinner and Bob decided to go see what was going on since I never saw my neighbor's truck, he walked over there. When he got back he told me that no one was home and no truck was there, I decided that I wanted to see if I had seen some sort of optical illusion, so I went back the same way I had originally gone to get over there, I didn't see anything, no dog, no dog shaped anything, no neighbor squatting on his haunches near the trees, no neighbor shaped shadows, I saw nothing that could account for what I had seen earlier.

My neighbor and his lady friend never came in this weekend as planned, today I tried to call him on his cell phone, it went straight to voice mail, it didn't ring, I left a message asking him to call. I am a bit worried, something I mentioned to Bob, I wonder if (Heaven forbid) that something happened to them on the way out, a car wreck or something, it would make sense that his spirit and the spirit of his dog would return to the place they love so much. For now I am assuming that is not the case and they are all alive and well.

I will update this post when I find out what happened, good or bad.