Thursday, November 26, 2009

I Am Thankful

 This is going to be a short list, culled from the long list of things I am thankful for.

In no particular order

I am thankful for my relationship with God
I am thankful that I met Bob and he is in my life
I am thankful that most of my family is alive and well
I am thankful for my little dog, Pekoe
I am thankful that I am getting to live the life I want to live
I am thankful that I have everything I need
I am thankful that I (generally) have everything I want
I am thankful that Bob and I are healthy and generally happy
I am thankful that we have enough food to eat
I am thankful that we have really great friends (both cyber and real)
I am thankful that I am able to find more than enough work and still have time to do the other things I want/need to do
I am thankful that, in spite of how screwed up this country may be getting, that I still live in the best country in the world (JMHO)

Of course there is more to be thankful for, so what are you thankful for???

Happy ThanksGiving, Turkey Day, T-Day, TG-Day and all that.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intent and a Big Thanks to a Big Man :)

Life is interesting, the longer I live and the more I work with intention, the more it becomes clear to me that we have a great deal of influence on what happens in our lives. Here is what I mean, my biggest wish that I had was to be able to live off grid, being self sufficient. That has happened for me in a big way, I am getting to live my dream and I didn't have to wait until the end of my life to do it. The next wish I had was to work at the Country Store in the middle of our community. I "put it out there" that I wanted this very bad, I didn't say it to anyone, just to the "universe". I knew that the lady who owned the store had all the help she needed and wasn't looking for anyone. One day, I went into the store and purchased a couple of things. I walked out to go home when "something" stopped me on the porch, I was "told" to go back into the store, I wasn't finished yet. I was prompted to ask the owner about working there, I told her that if she ever needed an extra hand, I was experienced with this sort of work... it turned out that one of the other ladies who worked here had just put in her notice THAT MORNING. The owner had not even had a chance to let the other employee know about it. I was hired on the spot.

Another wish I have relates to being off grid, I wanted to get a chest freezer, these can be converted to be an uber-efficient refrigerator. Again, I "put it out there" that I wanted this and then I let it go, I thought about it every now and again, but didn't dwell on it or worry about it. Today I get a phone call at the store, one of my neighbor's is moving and wanted me to post a message on the community bulletin board, she was selling a chest freezer, she wanted $50 OBO,  I told her that I would have to speak to Bob to make sure, we might want it, then she said for us it would be $25. Wow!

There are so many other things like this that happen on a very regular basis, when I have a need, or even just a want, I have learned to "put it out there" and it usually comes back to me, often better than I even wished for.

I also want to thank Big John, (John knows why), John Lipscom is a very generous man, he knows the power of "putting it out there" and getting great returns. John, is a prolific writer as well as a radio host of his own show, he has many websites and businesses, please give him a visit: get ready for a big dose of the TRUTH! quality electric bikes

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bloodlines and Points

My bloodlines are many and varied, I am English, Irish, German-Dutch, Comanche and Apache, this is in no particular order, it's merely the order in which I memorized it. I know that my Native American bloodlines were/are very spiritual, I understand that the Irish can be superstitious as well as having a rich spiritual history, I don't know about the English or German-Dutch, I searched and didn't find too much. Though I did find something interesting about one superstition that many people do, it's knocking on wood, I have often wondered where and how that one came about. I found another reason why people knock on wood.

This is for the German ancestors.
When you see your friends at a Stammtisch in a German bar, you have to greet them by knocking on the wooden table 3 times. It is said that most Stammtisch tables used to be made of Oak wood, and the Devil was unable to touch Oak wood, because it was a holy tree. So knocking on the table was proving you weren’t the Devil. source

I have no idea what or who Stammtisch is. OK, a quick toss around Google and I find: The word Stammtisch is German. It is not easily translated into English but it means something like "regular's table" or "regular get-together".

I know I got the Irish and American Indian from my mother, and my mother's side of the family were spiritual in the sense that they could see spirits and spiritual activity. I was told the story of my mother as a young teen, maybe younger than that, she saw a snake going from one bedroom across the hall into her bedroom. This was no ordinary snake, it's body was at least a foot thick, she never saw the head or tail, she got her dad, my grandfather, he saw it too.

They both went into her bedroom to look for this snake, they never found it, I understand my grandfather tore the room apart, even going so far as to take a knife and cut open an upholstered chair just in case it got in there. They never found the snake, nor did they see it again. This snake was much too large to have gotten past anyone, there were no open windows. My grandfather refused to talk about it.

I have been in that house both as a young child, and a teen, that house was very active with spirit activity, I was never completely comfortable in that house. I think there was a lot of unhappiness in that house over the years.

I wonder if my mother's side of the family, being of Irish and Native American descent is the reason why I have been so blessed with the ability to see into the spirit world.

I wonder if just being in a family that was open to and aware of the spirit world was the reason...

I wonder if certain nationalities are more open to that sort of thing? I wonder if it's heredity in the same way hair and eye color can be, or even more like artistic or musical ability.

That's another thing, being artistic and/or musical. I also come from artists and musicians, perhaps that also allows the creative mind to blossom, therefore also being more open to the spirit world.

Perhaps it's like "points", having a Native American and Irish blood gives me a couple of "points", being from musical and artistic people gave me a couple of "points", having an open minded (about the belief in the spirit world) family gives me a "point", rack up enough "points" and boom, eyes open, can see into the spirit world... Maybe if you don't have or get enough "points", you generally don't get to do this.

My father says he really never had experiences like this until he met and married my mother, perhaps my dad had nearly enough "points", being a creative and musical person, and whatever else he had going for him that might allow for this, but not quite enough until he met my mother, that being what pushed it over the top and them boom, his eyes are opened...

All these questions to ponder...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good or Bad?

Everyone has opinions about spirits, ghosts and other unexplainable, paranormal things. I find many people, though certainly not all people, on the extremes of the scale of whether or not these represent good or evil. Either they believe that all things in this arena are evil, demons, restless spirits with nothing better to do than scare the bejeebers out of us... or they believe it all angelic, higher beings, spirit guides whose sole purpose in life (or after life) is to guide and protect us.

Either these things are all to be feared or all to be believed with no questions asked. I think I fell somewhere in the middle, I certainly don't believe it's all evil, and I certainly don't blindly believe it's all good either.

I generally don't know how to classify what I see, it just "is". Most of the time I see something, or hear something, or smell something, I just observe, rarely interact. I can usually tell the difference between an active entity and a residual (a recording, or memory), though sometimes I don't realize it's a residual until I see it for the second time. There is a good article about residuals on History's Mysteries blog, it's worth a read.

On the rare occasions when I am talking to someone about ghosts and such, more often than not, I get to hear a story about a negative experience, either the thing in the closet that scared them as a kid, the visit from the scary lady in white just before grandma died, the haunted house up the street where the witch lived (kids, don't go there)...

I often wonder why most people have little to no paranormal activity around them, and of the few that do, why does it nearly always seem to be negative or scary? Another thing I notice, is on the rare occasions when I'm discussing this sort of thing with someone, they often start getting scared, jumpy, looking around, it's as if merely talking about might make it happen, or perhaps for a few minutes, they are more open to the spirit world and that scares them. Just about the time I really start getting into the conversation, it's clear that they want to stop talking about it. I know of a few people who don't mind discussing this sort of thing, sadly I don't get to converse with them often enough, at least not often enough for me. That's probably a lot of my motivation for writing this blog.

Fortunately, or not depending on your point of view, with the populatiry of shows like Ghost Hunters and shows like it, it's easier to talk to people about spirit stuff, I can generally figure out is someone is open to the subject merely by asking if they watch that show (or other's like it), if they have watched it, they usually have strong opinions about it, either they think it entertainment only, or they really get into it, either way I can tell by what comes out of their mouth right after that. :-)

Oh well, life goes on... this is message number 49 for this blog. I tend to focus more on my other blogs, about living off grid, something I do every day too. I will give more attention to this blog, post more of my paranormal history, as well as posting my day to day experiences, good and bad.

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