Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intent and a Big Thanks to a Big Man :)

Life is interesting, the longer I live and the more I work with intention, the more it becomes clear to me that we have a great deal of influence on what happens in our lives. Here is what I mean, my biggest wish that I had was to be able to live off grid, being self sufficient. That has happened for me in a big way, I am getting to live my dream and I didn't have to wait until the end of my life to do it. The next wish I had was to work at the Country Store in the middle of our community. I "put it out there" that I wanted this very bad, I didn't say it to anyone, just to the "universe". I knew that the lady who owned the store had all the help she needed and wasn't looking for anyone. One day, I went into the store and purchased a couple of things. I walked out to go home when "something" stopped me on the porch, I was "told" to go back into the store, I wasn't finished yet. I was prompted to ask the owner about working there, I told her that if she ever needed an extra hand, I was experienced with this sort of work... it turned out that one of the other ladies who worked here had just put in her notice THAT MORNING. The owner had not even had a chance to let the other employee know about it. I was hired on the spot.

Another wish I have relates to being off grid, I wanted to get a chest freezer, these can be converted to be an uber-efficient refrigerator. Again, I "put it out there" that I wanted this and then I let it go, I thought about it every now and again, but didn't dwell on it or worry about it. Today I get a phone call at the store, one of my neighbor's is moving and wanted me to post a message on the community bulletin board, she was selling a chest freezer, she wanted $50 OBO,  I told her that I would have to speak to Bob to make sure, we might want it, then she said for us it would be $25. Wow!

There are so many other things like this that happen on a very regular basis, when I have a need, or even just a want, I have learned to "put it out there" and it usually comes back to me, often better than I even wished for.

I also want to thank Big John, (John knows why), John Lipscom is a very generous man, he knows the power of "putting it out there" and getting great returns. John, is a prolific writer as well as a radio host of his own show, he has many websites and businesses, please give him a visit: get ready for a big dose of the TRUTH! quality electric bikes

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