Who Am I?

Things that go bump in the night, sounds scary, right? Wrong, it is just one part of my life, a part that I will share with you. I am in my late 40s, in sound mind and body, drug and alcohol free. I have experienced "paranormal" things most all of my life. This isn't something I have tried to do, it just "is".

I have been able to see, hear, smell, feel and otherwise sense, spirits, entities and other things as far back as I can remember. These things happen on a daily basis, it's not unusual, strange or scary to me, it just "is".

As a younger teen, I studied everything I could get my hands on about parapsychology, I wanted to know the answers to what and why I was seeing and experiencing these things. Since that time, I have had my feet planted, somewhat firmly, in the science and the spirituality of these things. I still don't know what most of it is, it just "is".

I write this, I document this for you to read, to ponder, to believe or not, please feel free to comment, to write your experiences, to ask me anything though I can't guarantee I can give you an answer. I can only say what I have experienced, and my friends, all I can say is it just "is".

Just to be clear with anyone reading this, I am a Born Again Christian, I believe all of my abilities are from and through God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit, I realize much of what I speak about is considered fringe, perhaps more than fringe, that is between your ears not mine, all I ask is that you read this with an open mind, if you feel that you must pray for me, please pray that God's will be done, nothing more, nothing less.