Thursday, January 5, 2012


It's funny, for some people they absolutely have to understand something before they will accept it, fortunately that isn't the case for me, that's not to say I don't have a curiosity about how things work, I do, but I have enough faith to accept that which I do not understand.

One of those things in my life is my "ability" to know something or someone is about to enter my life (for the first time or again). What happens is I will suddenly, usually out of the blue think of something or someone, it will be more than just a passing thought, it will often remain on my mind, I have learned through past experience that usually means I will be getting a phone call, or I'll run into that person soon. It happens more often with people, but sometimes it happens with inanimate objects too.

This just happened tonight, let's backtrack a bit. Many years ago, I had made a special music CD for my (late) mom, this was a song that I created using software called Sonic, the song was a techno song, I even made a hand drawn label to go in the CD case. I thought I had lost that song and CD, I didn't have the original anymore, there are a precious few copies, but they seemed lost too. The other day I thought about that song, I lamented the fact that I probably would never hear it again. I thought about that CD and song off and on for most of the day, then put the thought away.

This evening, I was chatting online with my sister, she told me that she found her copy of that CD, she had misplaced it too, I was so excited, she is going to make a copy and scan the hand drawn cover too, I will once again have this song and a copy of the cover.

Now for the understanding part, I wonder how this works, is it a matter of my "mind" knowing more about what is going on in time and space and somehow I knew I was about to "find" this lost item again, or did I somehow put out the intention of wanting to find it again and that is how it came back into my life again (I drew it into my life)...

I don't believe these are just coincidences, it happens too often, I have no "proof" to provide, I just know it happens, and happens frequently and regularly. I don't "try" to do it, I don't try to control it, it just happens. Fortunately I am usually able to recognize it as it is happening, usually about people, not so much about things, I will start thinking about someone and I start looking for them, knowing I will see or talk to them soon, usually within a week or less.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

High Strangeness In The Store

Had an interesting experience last Thursday,  I am a driver for a visually impaired friend, we went to a health food store in town, there were very few people in there, my friend had everything she needed and was about to check out, there was someone ahead of her so it was going to be a few minutes before it was her turn, so I decided to go back a few aisles and look around for a minute. There wasn't anyone near me, as I walked I was punched in my left shoulder, it wasn't a violent act, but it was harder than just a mere muscle twitch. I turned around fully expecting to see someone standing there, perhaps someone I knew or perhaps someone accidentally ran into me and was about to say "excuse me" or "sorry".  There was no one there, there was NO ONE there, I turned all the way around, I even said "what?" out loud, sometimes I get an answer, but there was no response. I don't know who or what that was, I just know it happened.

I didn't feel anything in particular (other than the shoulder punch), I didn't detect anyone or anything, but someone or something was definitely there, not sure what they or it wanted, that was as far as it went.

I have had strangeness happen in stores before, I have walked down a long aisle, all by myself, on concrete floors, and had things like boxed cereal begin to fall, one by one as I passed, maybe a few feet further, I have had to tell whatever it is to stop it, then I went back and picked up the boxes, it has happened on several occasions to me, fortunately it hasn't happened in a long time.