Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Am I In My Head...

...or am I in yours? Before you think this is totally nuts, let me tell you what happens, and this has gone on for most of my life.

Have you ever been thinking about a song, and someone near by starts humming, singing or whistling that same song? So, who had the "thought" about the song first? You or the other person? My question is, did you think about it first and you "broadcast" the song into someone else's mind? Or was that person thinking about the song first and you picked up on it?

This happens to me on a regular basis, maybe not daily, but at least weekly. I will be thinking about something, then the person I am talking to or sitting near by will start talking about the thing I was thinking about, I wonder if I picked up on something they were thinking about, or did they just pick up on what I was thinking?

I have a friend who knows about my ability to do this and is somewhat afraid of it, not really afraid, but I feel like he is concerned that he will not be able to hide anything from me. I understand his concern, our thoughts are one of the most private things we have, how potentially uncomfortable would it be if all of our private thoughts and feelings were no longer private? To any of my friends reading this, if you have to ask "is this me she is talking about?" then it's not you... You know who you are. ;) This relates to a very specific conversation about hugs.

Here are my thoughts, no pun intended, we all float in a sea of our own thoughts, thoughts are nothing more than electrical impulses in our brains, I believe we work like 2 way radios, we send and receive signals/thoughts. Once you meet a person, you tune in to each others' frequencies. As you get to know that person better, you are more able to tune in. Just like anything else, some people are better at doing this (sending and receiving) than other people. I think that married couples, long time work partners, close family members and such have this very close connection and can sense how the other is feeling, can read each other's minds, can finish each other's sentences.

I just have to wonder, when floating in the sea of thoughts in our daily lives, you assume that 100% of those thoughts are yours and yours alone, I wonder how much is actually bleed over from other people? And consequently, how much of our thoughts are bleeding over to other people?

What are your thoughts?