Saturday, January 2, 2010

Strange Neighbor Sighting

Things have been pretty quiet, spirit wise for a while, that's pretty normal though, it seems to come and go in batches, I'll see a lot of activity then I will not see much of anything for a week or more. That is until Friday... I was going out to deliver some Sprite to an ill friend, on the way down to the bug, I was trying to see if my neighbor had come in yet, he and his lady friend were supposed to come in for the weekend. It was mid-day, well lit, we live in a rural, mountainous area with large lots so it takes a bit to walk down from my house to where we park, it's a bit of a distance from my property to my neighbor's property and there are quite a few trees. I walked across my property and started to walk over to my neighbor's side, I was still pretty far from his driveway, then I CLEARLY saw my neighbor's dog Sam, and my neighbor in their front yard, Sam was sitting in front of the porch on his long leash looking in my direction, my neighbor was over in the yard squatting on his haunches near some trees across the driveway. None of that was unusual, this is where I often see Sam, and I have come upon my neighbor "meditating" in or near the trees, usually sitting on a lower branch. I didn't see the truck though, which was strange, but I figured that maybe he had parked way around on the other end of the driveway, around on the other side of the garage area.  I decided not to continue going over there, I needed to get the Sprite to my ill friend, so I walked back to the bug and went on my way.

When I got home a while later, I went to my house and told Bob what I had seen, I started dinner and Bob decided to go see what was going on since I never saw my neighbor's truck, he walked over there. When he got back he told me that no one was home and no truck was there, I decided that I wanted to see if I had seen some sort of optical illusion, so I went back the same way I had originally gone to get over there, I didn't see anything, no dog, no dog shaped anything, no neighbor squatting on his haunches near the trees, no neighbor shaped shadows, I saw nothing that could account for what I had seen earlier.

My neighbor and his lady friend never came in this weekend as planned, today I tried to call him on his cell phone, it went straight to voice mail, it didn't ring, I left a message asking him to call. I am a bit worried, something I mentioned to Bob, I wonder if (Heaven forbid) that something happened to them on the way out, a car wreck or something, it would make sense that his spirit and the spirit of his dog would return to the place they love so much. For now I am assuming that is not the case and they are all alive and well.

I will update this post when I find out what happened, good or bad.

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