Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Golden Light Ball Sighting

My Dad is here for a visit, he drove 500 miles and will be staying for a month. He has been here just a few days. Yesterday, he mentioned something interesting to me, he had been down at my neighbor's house watching TV, no one else was in the house at that moment, and he saw a golden colored ball of light appear under a set of shelves in the living room, next to the TV, it appeared and moved toward the inside of the room then vanished. There is nothing down there that should or could have created this light. My Dad asked me if I had ever seen this before, I have, many times, but I know I haven't told him about it, we have not discussed this particular thing before, I just did a quick search of this blog and I haven't written anything specific about this either, so my Dad independently confirmed the golden colored light sighting for me.

Not sure exactly what it means, it just appears, moved away from the shelf, close to the floor then it vanishes. I don't get any particular feeling about it, I just see it then it's gone. Now someone else has seen the exact same thing in the exact same place where I see it.

I also found out that my Dad has been seeing a phantom dog of his own, it looks just like his dog, I wonder what this phenomena is? Seeing your own dog as a phantom dog, that is a strange thing indeed. Dear reader, I ask you, have you ever seen a phantom of your own pet that was still alive? Do you have any theories or thoughts about this?

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