Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golden Light Ball Sighting - Update

A quick update on the golden light ball sightings, a couple of days ago, my dad and I were at my neighbor's house, I was coming out of the kitchen, my dad was sitting on a chair in the living room, as I was walking into the living room I saw what I thought was a mouse run across the room, my dad also saw the same thing, only in a slightly different location, maybe a couple of feet away from where I saw it. My little dog was walking in front of me, she stopped at the same time the "mouse" ran across the floor, that's what made me stop and look down, I didn't want to kick my dog. I don't remember who asked first, but each of us asked the other if we saw what we saw, I assumed it was a mouse and set some mouse traps with peanut butter. Some days have passed and the traps are still set, no dead mice in sight, I discussed what we saw with my dad and have come to the conclusion that it wasn't a mouse that we saw, it was another golden ball of light. Here are the reasons:
  • a mouse wouldn't cross the living room floor during the day
  • a mouse wouldn't come out with so much activity in the room, the TV was on, there were 2 people and 2 dogs running around
  • both of our dogs would have reacted much differently to a mouse, especially my dog since it happened right in front of her and she stopped walking, she never went after it or barked, she would have if it had been a mouse
  • the traps have not caught anything
  • there is no other evidence that there are mice in the house
  • the fact that my dad and I saw it at the same time, but in slightly different places
  • I never saw where the "mouse" went, it was in front of me then it was gone
  • I never actually saw that it was a mouse, it was the same size and relative shape, color and such as a mouse, but I never saw any details that would suggest a mouse

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