Monday, October 4, 2010

Former cops turn to ghost hunting in California

A paranormal investigative team made up of former cops was formed in California. For almost a decade, members of Paranormal Investigative Technology have been applying investigative techniques learned as officers, detectives, and more, to searching for evidence of the paranormal.

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Former cops turn to ghost hunting in California


  1. Nice blog :) Ever get the chance to see Paranormal Cops on A & E? I liked how they used their investigative skills as cops to prove or disprove hauntings/ paranormal activity. I think the show got cancelled. Anways, great blog- have a good one!

  2. Thanks Aura, I have seen the show a time or two, I don't have TV so I don't watch very much TV, just the occasional bits and pieces I get from my neighbor's house, I do watch some shows on the internet. I don't really have an opinion about that particular ghost hunting show, I am starting to lose interest in the ghost hunting shows, they tend to be about the same, I'm not seeing anything new on any of them, nothing gets proven one way or the other, they can be entertaining but that's about all... besides, I experience the paranormal everyday in my life, I don't need to get it on TV to get my fill :)

    Thanks for posting your comment, I appreciate it, stick around, there is more to come.



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