Sunday, April 5, 2009

Neighbor's House - Update

Things have been very quiet at my neighbor's house, in the last couple of weeks the entity in the hall (the one where I can see the top of the head walking back and forth) has been not present, the little dog Angel still shows herself on occasion, and the dark rolling shadow in the hall is still present.

There have been a few changes in that house, my neighbor had an accident at work and severely (chemically) burned his eyes, in the midst of all of this, a lady that he worked with started taking care of him while he convalesced. This is a lady that he had been interested in but couldn't get up enough nerve to ask her out. I have always believed that things happen for a reason, even if that reason isn't apparent, I believe this accident, as terrible as it was, was instrumental in bringing these two together, they didn't have to go through the akward first few dates, they completely bypassed all of that.

I talked to my neighbor last night to find out if he had detected any "activity" in the house, he said it had been quiet, I told him that I had been experiencing the same quietness. I suggested that it may be a case of his late wife (if that was the one in the hallway that I see walking around) might have hung around with the intention of watching over him, and now, that isn't needed, he has someone there to take care of him, perhaps it was her time to move on, my neighbor agreed and we all considered it a good thing.

I'll still be looking for the other entities that I know are there, but I suspect that I will not be seeing the one in the hallway, I'll keep you updated. :)

My neighbor's eyes are healing up nicely, one word of advice, if you are unclogging a drain using a chemical drain cleaner, be sure to put the lid back on as soon as you use it, NEVER set it down on sink or tub with the lid off, if you accidentally knock it over, you will be sorry!

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