Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Assumptions Can Be Wrong...

You should never judge a book by its cover, or so they say. In the last month, I have been surprised to find out that 2 people I have talked to believed in the paranormal, these two people seemed, on the outside at least, to be very no-nonsense types, non-believers.

One of these two people, I found out pretty quickly that he believed in the paranormal, he is a very nice man I met while at the country store, he is a Native American, he used to also be in law enforcement. I would have thought that being part of law enforcement would have made him the type that if he couldn't touch it, that it didn't exist, I have to admit that the few police officers I have known have been that way, but this man stayed true to his heritage and ancestors. I have only been able to speak to him twice now, he owns property close to where I live and frequents the country store when he comes into town, I look forward to speaking with him again.

The other person is someone I met, also at the country store, he has recently become a property owner nearby. I have had many, fairly long chats with him at the country store, he has been around this area for many years, but I only met him last summer. He comes into the country store and hangs around on the porch (a major past time around here), as I said, we have had long, and sometimes deep conversations, but never touched on the paranormal, until very recently.

It turns out that he lost his girlfriend, in a very permanent way, as you can imagine he is very sad about the whole thing, we chatted a bit about this, I suggested that she isn't as far away as he might think, what else do you say to a grieving man? Now this man is as down to earth and pragmatic as they come, I would have never thought of him as someone who knew anything about the paranormal, boy did I peg this one wrong! It didn't matter what I said, he knew something about it, we discussed Carlos Castaneda, Zecharia Sitchin, aliens, spirits, ghosts, you name it and we talked about it, the more we talked, the more surprised I was that he had any knowledge about this much less believed in it.

So, this was my lesson, don't assume anything, some people just keep their beliefs more private than others. I don't discuss my beliefs with everyone either, I wonder how many people would be surprised to learn what I believe and experience? I wonder how many people's beliefs and experiences I am missing out on because I do tend to keep my beliefs and experiences to myself?

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  1. "I do tend to keep my beliefs and experiences to myself? "

    In a big sense, many of our experiences I consider "stealth" and cannot be shared. Let me explain myself.

    Imagine having experiences that come off sounding completely normal and when you explain them to someone else they're free flowing and nothing is holding you back because they were just that - normal sounding. Of course there are what some would term normal experiences if it were what they called a guardian, etc. but put that aside for a second since my comment is on the kooky aspect of an experience.

    Your experiences wouldn't sound too meaningful if they were all based on the norm.

    Here's an alien analogy, which helps me to explain this better.

    An alien is speaking - When we abduct humans, make sure that everything that you say or do comes off looking off-kilter, tweaked or as kooky looking or sounding as possible.

    When they leave, we need them to only take with them - stories that will sound so "out there" that nobody will ever truly believe them and instead they (the victim) will be labeled.

    We need to do this because we do not want them repeating their experiences to too many and isn't it just like humans to avoid ridicule and embarrassment like the plague. Consequently, we know they'll pretty much be closed mouth.

    Now, back to the dead that is living.

    Imagine again that your experiences are of the norm. Could it just be more stealth in order to keep a secret a BIG secret and make it look like something it's not?


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