Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dreaming About Hair

About a month and a half ago, I began to have this reoccurring dream, well the dreams were all different, but the theme was the same. I would "come to" and be standing in a hair salon, behind the chair, with a customer in my chair and I was supposed to be doing this person's hair. I used to be a hairdresser, I did it for 11 years, but it's been that longer than that since I have done hair, at least professionally. When I stopped doing hair, I pretty much stopped for good, I let my license lapse, and I rarely do anyone's hair.

So each time I would dream about doing hair, I would be in a different salon, working on someone different, but my thoughts were pretty much the same, WHAT AM I DOING HERE???!!! I knew in the dream that I wasn't supposed to be there, I knew it had been YEARS since I've done hair. I would wonder how I got there, what I was supposed to be doing to this person in my chair, but my professionalism was still there, I couldn't allow this person to see how scared I was, I was there and this person expected to get their hair done, the last thing I wanted to do was worry them. The first dream was the worst, I woke up in a fright, glad that it was just a dream.

I began having these dreams several times a week. This went on for over a month, each time I was in a different salon, working on a different person, it was never anyone I knew, it was never in a salon I had worked in before. I knew that I could do the basics, but what if that person wanted me to do something more trendy? How would I know how to do something different than I was formerly trained how to do?

After a few weeks of having these dreams, I knew I was supposed to be "getting" something, I just didn't know what. I am not going to be doing hair, oh I cut Bob's hair, more like buzz it off with the clippers, and I have done a haircut on a friend's son, and a haircut on another friend, but other than that, I have not really done hair in years and have no plans on getting back into the biz.

One of the dreams I was working on an older lady, that was the one that scared me the most, I knew I wasn't supposed to be there, yet there I was. In another dream, I was working on a little boy of about 5, he was very hyper (I never liked working on young children, they moved and wiggled, it was difficult to to do a good haircut on them, yet their parents wanted to pay LESS for the haircut, the salon where I worked charged the same for kids as adults, I always HOPED they would leave instead of staying!), so I was cutting this little hyper boy's hair, his mom had a harness and leash on him to keep him from running off. Then she left to go shopping, I finished his haircut, went to the back for a minute, when I came out, the boy was gone! Fortunately I found him quickly and his mom was happy with his hair. In the last dream I had, an older man came in, he wanted a perm. He was completely bald on top, the hair he did have was already curly, and it was rather short. In the dream I didn't know what he wanted, usually at that point you have already had the consultation and know what you are supposed to be doing, I didn't want him to know that I had no clue what he wanted, so I made a snap decision on which perm rods to use based on the length of his hair, I grabbed the perm rods and began rolling. I realized that I would have to roll his hair in a different pattern than I was used to because of his bald head. I woke up after that.

I had realized that in each dream, I got a little more confident, less scared about what was going on, I would just start doing what I was supposed to do, "fake it 'till you make it", that was what we were taught in beauty school. Then it hit me. In the dreams, I was doing something that I hadn't done in a long time, something that I would be very rusty at doing but I knew that it would all come back to me. Sure I would have to re-learn a lot of things that I had forgotten, and I would have to learn some new things, but it would be OK.

This wasn't about doing hair, this is about the decision I made a couple of months ago. Several years ago I had put my spiritual interests "on hold", I didn't cut it off altogether, I just stopped pursuing it. A few months ago, I have had a renewed interested in developing my spiritual interests. I wasn't sure where to start, and I was somewhat concerned about being able to do those things again, would it all come back to me? Well my dreams were telling me not to worry, even though I hadn't done it in a long time, it would all come back to me, I would have to re-learn some things, I would learn new things, some of it would just naturally come back to me, but above all, don't worry about it. It's been over a week and no more dreams about hair, so I feel confident that I finally got the correct message.

I'll post more about what is going on my current life in the next few days. Things are going good and I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. :)


  1. Nobody can read your dreams for you if the dream is not a product of your own mind's design. Repetitive dreams such as the one you had is 'not' a product of your own mind's design and instead was delivered to you by another.

    Usually always, repetitive dreams are messages conveyed to you that have a metaphoric meaning of sorts and are not a dream your brain continuously conjured up. For instance, just because your dream was about hair doesn't mean it had anything to do with hair so nobody can say that the word 'hair' means this or means that.

    Only you can look at the dream 'as a message and as a whole' and look at that message and what meaning the 'message' has for you.

    Now these are just my thoughts but what I see is the message stating something like - everyone is different than the next so we can't expect them to think or do like us. They want to do things different than we do because that's them and that's what 'they want'. Furthermore, cutting hair is behind you and while doing so you were frustrated on many occasion so frustration may be a part of the message as well. Something of that nature anyway.

    Dreams that are not of the mind's design and instead delivered by another (such as yours) - cannot honestly be deciphered by anyone but the dreamer. That's simply because the idea of the dream parallels something in 'your' life at that time and no dream reader would know anything about your life unless it were maybe a very, very close friend that knows you like you know yourself.

    Like I said, most all dreams that are repetitive are dreams that are delivered and not of your own mind's design. These are dreams that we're suppose to stop and take a look at. Not the words so much as the meaning even though the words will be important depending on their intake.

    I read my own dreams all of the time. I purposely do not wake up to an alarm so that I can lay there and run the dream through my head a good many times in order to put it in my long term memory. Alarms destroy dreams.

    I have on occasion read someone's dream that wasn't of their minds design so it can be done. This one was a piece of cake though and anyone probably would have gotten it with a little bit of thought so I told her what I saw. By looking at this dream here below, it'll be easier for you to see what you're looking for in your own dream in regard to the nouns (person, place, thing).

    One last thing before I post the dream - if 'hair' was prevalent in my dream, I would have thought back to 1969 when I saw the play 'HAIR', which I thoroughly loved. So everybody can come up with something but it would be something from their own personal experiences in their life and not yours.

    Not to long ago in a forum a young lady put a dream of hers in and I read it to her on her personal message. I wouldn’t dare put it in the forum as a post as you will soon see why.

    The young lady told the forum that in her dream she was playing around in her yard and there were candy wrappers all around on the grass and the wrappers were folded like triangles. She then said that in the dream a stranger keeps trying to wake her and her husband up and cannot get them to wake up. The dream was very lengthy, however this is all I need to tell you since at this point I already knew what the dream was about.

    I wrote in her personal message that it sounds like her husband and herself are doing drugs of some nature, probably coke or methamphetamines because they are considered “candy” and the wrappers were folded as if to look like bindles. As well, they both are smoking pot, which is why the wrappers were on the “grass” and that a stranger is trying to wake the two of them up and get them to stop. Both very embarrassed and scared, she notified me on my personal message and told me that I was dead on and that they would stop.

    So you see, some dreams that are delivered can be deciphered by another but it's also dangerous. What if I was wrong or worse yet, what if I posted it directly into the forum and was wrong. lol I wouldn't have done either but others would have. :)

    So, are you frustrated with others that don't see things like you do. ROFLMSO


  2. Thanks Eileen, that was a very thoughtful reply. :) You are right that (usually) other people can't decipher your dreams, I did figure out what this set of dreams was trying to tell me and it makes perfect sense, it had nothing to do with "hair", it had to do with me doing something that I hadn't done in a long time (pursuing my spiritual studies) and my concerns about how to get started again, concerns about whether or not I could still do the things I used to do, now I know that I have nothing to worry about, it will all come back to me and more.

    Wow, that story about that lady's dream, how potentially embarrassing! In the forum I belong to where I posted messages about my hair dreams, there were some things I left out, just because it is personal, I'm still working on that part, it's my hubby, he feels like this is all demonic, I could handle it if he just didn't believe, but so far, I don't know how to deal with "it's all demonic" thing. I will NOT lie to him about any of this, yet I do feel the need to keep that part of my life separate, so I am walking a fine line, I have to be discrete. He is a super wonderful man in every other way, he truly is my soul mate and we love each other. Anyhoo, this is my lesson for now. :) Maybe it's his lesson too.

  3. Yes! That's the other thing I thought of too was that you were to be doing something you hadn't done in a long time. I didn't mention that one though because my comment was getting too darn long.

    About hubby: It's not demonic and you know that BUT, and this is a BIG BUTT - you should not entrench yourself with one without entrenching yourself with the flipside as well (the spirituality thing you mentioned). Entrenchment in anything - no matter what it is - will become you. If you didn't know it, that's how conspiracy theorists are created - too much entrenchment.

    All sorts of chemicals spew from various glands with certain emotions we feel. Too many of the wrong emotions too often then yes, that individual will become dark. So in a big way, he's right. Then again, stick with your other plan at the same time. It's all in the head no matter how you look at it.

    Working at the forum I would tell people to get out for a few weeks to a month because I saw their personality change. I saw it all of the time, especially in the conspiracy section. UFO/alien people experience it too because of all of the muckity, muck government coverup nonsense that they're fed. Eventually it causes a degree of paranoia.

    I felt dark once after spending months in the forum. I was probably working six months straight and the page was open all day long. Then I went on a 24 day (21 state) KOA trip with my daughter. OMG, I was a different person after about the first week. I saw that firsthand and reported it to all of the moderators. After that another moderator took off to test for himself and sure as heck he couldn't believe the difference. So you see how it can mess with your head. Ghost, paranormal, hauntings can all do that too if it's too much. Balance can rememdy that though too.

    I spend tons of time in the UFO, alien and paranormal realm but I have a rule that I follow. I go the way of science and I believe absolutely nothing unless science has not proved it by testing. The only other possibility is that science can observe something and it can be factual so I believe nothing unless I've observed it as well. It's like my experiences. If someone were to tell me that they believe them I would tell them they were nuts to do so. You can't believe what you haven't observed. Believing in nothing is the only way to go. Do not confuse believing with 'faith' either because certainly that is a completely different definition.

    Gosh I talk too much. lol

  4. By the way, this is my favorite guy in the world. His name is John Wolfe and he owns The Wind of Soul website.

    A good dose of him gets anyone back on track. It's all the things you already know, he just kicks the thoughts back up is all and leaves you with a great feeling of accomplishment. He has the most beautiful voice to listen to too, which is a major plus.

    Here is his address where his articles are.
    His websiteBut better yet, here is my address where his videos are. They're short. You have to hear him, his voice is awesome. He's a real sweetheart.
    His videos


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