Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Possible Revelation...

A  few weeks ago, during a weekly Christian class I attend, I was made aware that "casting lots" meant more than just gambling, I'm talking about what I would call a sort of divination, a way to get answers from God that was used in the past (Bible days).

After my baptism, I didn't want to do anything that would be displeasing to God, and the Bible clearly states to not perform divination, yet it seems that the Bible is full of examples of what could be called divination done in the name of the Lord, tonight I came to a conclusion about the seemingly contradictory parts of the Bible.

I have been studying the Bible about the gifts of the Spirit tonight, as I wandered around the Scriptures, I was reading about sacrifices, now the Bible clearly states not to worship idols, that would include any kind of sacrifices made to an idol, yet the Bible also talks about sacrificing to God, that is a good thing, so it is not the act of sacrificing that is considered good or bad, it is the intent of the person making the sacrifice, is it to God or to an idol? The one to the idol is clearly wrong and the one to God is clearly good.

So what if I treat divination the same way? If it is performed through and with the power of God, then it must be good, if it is performed with and through anything else but God, then it would be considered bad. I am specifically talking about using dowsing rods and any other tool to get answers. This is not to say I would rely on such tools all of the time, just when necessary and needed, again used with the utmost care and with much prayer.

There are lots of other examples like this in the Bible, bowing and worshiping, praying, seeking answers... do these to an idol (or anything other than God) and it's wrong, do these to God and it's good, so it's not the act that is good or bad, it's who we do it toward or about that determines whether or not it's a good or bad thing.

I will discuss this with my pastor and see what he thinks about this line of thinking, I'll also pray and ask God about this, I know He will confirm this, or blow it out of the water. :)

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