Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Dream

Friday night, the 20th of May, I had a dream, I don't normally remember my dreams, not that I don't dream or I don't remember all of my dreams, they just usually aren't something that I think about much after I wake up. I know I dream and some leave impressions on me, but I don't usually "dream" about significant things, not on a regular basis. That night was different, I was having a regular dream, nothing exciting or different, there was a person, a lady I believe, though it's not someone I know, this lady suddenly turned to me and said "Your spiritual gift is prophesy"... or she might have said "you are a prophet", I can't remember exactly which it was, but the meaning is the same. I woke up right after that, I began to pray to God, I said that if this was true and from Him, to please give me confirmation. Honestly, this was not something I ever reached for, not something I felt that I needed to do, in fact, it's a bit scary to be given such a "gift", I would rather do healing ministries, and I very well may be allowed to do that too. Anyhoo, I didn't say anything about this to anyone, I didn't want to  spoil the chance of anyone who might confirm this.

So today at church (Sunday), the pastor made a comment about spiritual gifts, he used me as an example saying that I play piano at church, but that might not be my only gift, there may be other things for me to do. After church was over, a lady I know, but not someone I talk to regularly, said she needed to talk to me. I thought she was going to talk about doing pottery or something like that (she's a wonderful artist), she asked me if I knew what my gift is? It was a rhetorical question, she was about to tell me, she said my gift is prophesy. I did not expect to hear that from her, the funny thing is she didn't expect to say it to me either, but she knew she was supposed to give me that info, so she did. Well, there is my confirmation. I had heard the word prophesy several times over the last couple of days, but didn't want to accept that as confirmation, that could have just been coincidence, but there was no way that this lady telling me about my gift was coincidence. So there it is.

I think I am taking this the same way I took being instructed by God to go into the music ministry, it scared the crap outta me to think I was going to play piano in front of the church, or sing or be the music leader for praise and worship... my response to God was, "who, me?"... well, if I must, then please give me the courage, and He did! Now I enjoy it, even if I do freeze up every now and again, I still play and sing to the best of my ability. So now, if this is the direction God wants me to go in, then I have to have faith that He will give me the tools I need to accomplish this, I just have to remember that this isn't coming FROM me, it's coming THROUGH me, I just have to be a willing vessel.

Oh yeah, I said there was 2 things. Last week, while at the Christian class, it was mentioned about people in the Bible "casting lots", I had heard this term before, but thought it meant a form of gambling. Turns out it CAN be used for gambling, but it also had deeper meaning. It turns out that the Levite priests used this to get answers from God, they had (apparently) a black rock and a white rock, one meant "yes", the other "no". I asked my pastor if this was sanctioned by God? Apparently it was, not only sanctioned and approved, but encouraged.

I asked if this could be considered "divining" or divination? I waited until after the class to discuss this further with pastor. My thoughts are, I have experimented with dowsing in the past, when I got baptized, I didn't want to do anything that might be against God's will, I wasn't sure about dowsing, even though I felt like it was OK, there was enough of a doubt that I set it aside and asked God for guidance on the matter. I feel like I am about to get my answer on this matter, I talked to pastor today to remind him that I set up an appointment with him on Monday before the class to discuss this subject. He told me that he had a lot of info on his computer and that he would give me the files for me to read. It turns out that my pastor has no problems with dowsing, he considers it an autonomic response, a physical response and not anything spiritual. I did tell him that I didn't look for water, but I had used it to get answers from God, he seemed OK with that, though a little concerned about being so close to that line that I tend to walk. I will be very interested to see what he got for me.

I also have access to a genuine Levite, I'll explain more about that later. I plan on asking this man about this as well, though this will be next month before I will see him.

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