Saturday, October 24, 2009

Shadow Person Sighting

Just a quickie tonight, I worked at the Country Store today (Saturday), I was talking to a friend, he owns property in the neighborhood but doesn't live here, just visits on occasion, maybe the lure of the neighborhood will convince him to visit more often. We have interesting spiritual discussions, these discussion are too few and far between. but it is just how it works out. Anyhoo, we were sitting on the front porch chatting about our latest ghost related subjects, I could see into the store, no one was in the store. I kept seeing a shadow person walking back and front of the drink cooler. I figured my friend would want to know what I seeing right then so I mentioned it. He seemed to be a bit excited about it, he kept looking in the store, trying to see it I think. I did see it again several times after that, each time I would look away from my friend and looked in the store window, he wanted to know if I saw it again. :)

My friend is very observant, especially about people and human interaction, I suspect because of the type of work he did. It was important for him to be able to tell if the people he interacted with on a professional basis were telling the truth, and I believe that many of them were probably highly motivated to lie, or at least stretch the truth from time to time. I'll not go any further in that, but let's just say that it's interesting to interact with my friend as he learns about how much I see into the spiritual world. My friend asked me if things like that ever scared me, and honestly the answer is no, living people scare me more, these shadow beings and other things such as this are no threat to me. Sometimes I get startled, but even that is a fairly rare occurrence any more.

To describe what it looked like, it was short, perhaps 3-4 feet tall, the height of a child, I could see the rounded top of the head, but no other features like shoulders and such. It looked like a very solid, 3D shadow that was walking in front of the drink cooler. I didn't get any feelings from it, I didn't feel like it was good or bad, it was just there. I have never seen this particular one before, at least not that I can recall. I don't know why it was there or what it may have wanted. I guess I need to start carrying my camera and voice recorder with me for these occasions, in the past up until now, I would just observe, I rarely interact except for the occasional comment I might make, like "Yes, I see you...", or "I heard that...", or if they do something like knock something over, I might say "Wow, that was impressive..." or something like that.

I could only see this one for a few seconds at a time, I have successfully trained myself not to look directly at the things I see in my peripheral vision, usually if you look directly at something like that it will usually vanish immediately, the longer I can go without directly looking at it, the longer I can usually see and watch it.

The other thing I feel I should mention here is that I don't control this, I can't make it happen, it is random, often daily, sometimes multiple times a day, I don't go looking for it, I don't try to make it happen, it just does. Now I can make more things happen if I talk about it, but for the most part, it is random.

OK, so this wasn't as much as a quickie as I thought it would be. :)

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  1. Interesting that you weren't bothered by it...most of the stories I've heard about shadow people, the people telling the story described being frightened by them and getting a sense of dread. I was reading a couple of posts about shadow people the other day on another blog I read, and she too said that she could only see them in peripheral vision. She described them as being almost mischievous like, kind like tradition tales of elementals, such as leprechauns or gnomes. They seem to not like being seen, but then they vanish and run off when you look directly at them. Kind of like their surprised to see them.

    Although, the way you and her describe the shadow people seems a little different than a lot of the other stories I've heard. In a lot of the other stories I've heard, the people seeing them are terrified by the sight of them, and shadow people don't always seemed to be inclined to run away as quickly. I've also heard a lot of stories about the hat man...a shadow person that apparently likes to wear fedoras.

  2. Thanks Jeff, I can't explain why it doesn't bother me, perhaps it wasn't a "shadow person" in the classic sense, it was just a shadow in the shape of a person. I have experienced a classic "shadow person" when I was much younger, it scared the sh*t out of me.

    Honestly, I used to (sometimes) be scared of some of these things, I have had experiences with negative entities, some might even call them demons. I made an active decision to not be so fearful of these things. I see these things on a daily basis, it would be life altering, all but debilitating if I went around afraid of these sightings.

    It's been a long time since I've seen something that really scared me or bothered me in any way, if I feel something negative from them, I ask them to move on. I also believe that if you look for evil, expecting to see evil entities, evil will find you.


  3. Saw one 14 years ago. I woke up with a feeling something was looking at me. I glanced around the room and didn't see anything and was about to close my eyes until I noticed a shadow by the window. I still just glanced because it wasn't a person, then I was like WTF is that and looked directly at it. My fear subsided when I felt it was just as startled as I was that I saw it. I tried to point at it to let it really know that I saw it, but I couldn't move. The shadow then just sunk in the floor and I came out of my half-sleep state and woke my girlfriend up to tell her what just happened. Now my 9 year old sees them all the time without fear.

  4. Thanks Anon for sharing that with me, it's interesting that it appeared to be startled by you seeing it... I have heard about this phenomena before. I hope you are ok with your kid seeing these things, I believe all children see into the spirit world, it's the adults that screw that up by telling them it's their imagination, or they are dreaming. Fortunately for me, my mother protected me from that sort of thing, she believed and nurtured my "sight", I hope you do that for your kid. :)


  5. I can remeber back when I was in the Army and stationed in Virginia (1993+/-). I awoke and saw a tall shadow figure walk into the room and around the foot of the bed to my wife's side. It terrified me but I thought I must be dreaming. I clamped my eyes shut and rolled my head over in the opposite direction. When I opened my eyes the figure was inches from my face and it was like looking into a hood. Where the "face" was appeared to be blacken stone with cracks all through it. The eye sockets could only be described as molten pools that seemed to fall forever back into the "head". The figure opened its mouth and screamed in my face. The screaming could only be compared to being in the middle of a packed stadium with thousands of people that hate you. All of them screaming in pure hatred and feral rage AT you. I clamped my eyes shut again as I could not move and when I opened them again it was gone and I could move again. I have always just figured it was sleep paralysis and an overactive imagination. Thoughts?


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