Friday, October 23, 2009

Corners Collect More Than Dust

I realized today, something that I have seen most if not all of my life, corners seem to collect more than dust. I see more spiritual activity in corners, I am speaking about the corners of rooms, inside corners. I remember as a teen, living in the house where I spent most of my growing up years, there were at least 2-3 corners in the house that had "doorways", places where spirits seemed to come and go. The other corners in that house were not active like those specific ones. I have seen this activity on the floor side of the corners as well as the ceiling corners. Typically where three surfaces come together, not so much in the middle.

At my neighbor's house, there is a particular corner in the hallway that always attracts my eyes. When I am sitting over there, watching TV, doesn't matter if it's day or night, the hall is always fairly dark, but there is a part that is darker than the rest, the darkness seems to become almost 3D, it isn't just a shadow. It appears to be a darkness/shadow that is separate from the wall, actually floating out from the wall. I don't believe that is an entity itself, it appears to be another doorway between this reality and the spirit world.

I have seen these doorways since I was a teenager. I used to see them outside, up in the trees, the limbs of the trees would not grow into these doorways, they would grow around it, framing it. If I stood under one, looking up through it, the sky looked different, usually brighter or a different shade of blue. I would also feel a pulling sensation. I used to feel fearful that I might be pulled right through, so I wouldn't spend too much time directly under them. I'm less fearful of this now, I figure that if it happens, it happens and it's supposed to. I am not trying to make it happen though. Just to be precise, not every corner is a "doorway", not every corner has this energy (that I have seen). not every tree grows around doorways. I think I'll start looking up in the trees again, it's been a long while since I've seen a doorway within the branches of a tree.

Back to the corner thing, I wonder if the act of building a room, and making the corners has anything to do with this? Is this intention in action? Does the act of making the corners create the energy that makes these things happen? Or is it just a natural occurrence that energy AND dust collect naturally in corners...So many questions... maybe I'll dowse for the answers, I just need to make a good set of questions. I am discovering that having good and precise questions helps to get accurate answers.

Do you, my dear readers, have any experience with this sort of thing? Do you have any theories? I know that this is true. it happens, I just don't have the why's and how's of it.


  1. Wow. I don't think there are any coincidences in life and it is no coinsidence that after more than ten years of the experience I had with seeing "energy collecting in corners of walls" (as I googled) I came across your blogpost which you just recently posted a few days ago. Yes, I have seen this. I was in the company of a self-proclaimed decendent of a medicine man and had a very spiritual experience that I can only explain as spiritual energy. I saw sort of spiral tubelike shapes, almost like a slinky (the toy) everywhere, but seemed to collect mostly in the corners of the walls, like it was getting stuck there especially near the ceiling meeting the corners. But it was everywhere really just floating all around us. But the most ethereal moment I ever had in my life happened at that moment...I saw an angel. I know, I know it sounds insane and I'm not a really religous person especially around that time in my early 20's questioning everything from God to society to you know how it is when you are trying to find yourself in the world. But there she was. She was sitting on this guy's computer and was no more than two feet tall and had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, like real kind of almond shaped. She looked at me and I think she knew that I saw her and she disappeared into the other spiral tubelike energy and that was it. This guy (the desendent medicine man guy) was validating what I was seeing. He would wave his hand near the wall and say "Write down the color you see." I would write down what I saw blue, reddish pink, yellow, and he would write down the color he was trying to project, whatever it was and I would get it right every time. I have never found anyone who has had this same experience, but I became a believer that night for sure that there was definately something else here with us, around us all the time. What is it? I think it's just energy in that different, but parallel place. People always think that when we die we must go up in the sky and that may be true, but I think there is spiritual energy everywhere, moving about, flying through our energy. Do you remember those digital pictures that were quite popular years ago that would have a pattern of different shapes, but when you adjusted your eyes you could see an actual picture of something like a boat or airplane in the background so to speak. That's what this "sight" was like and it's the only way I know how to explain it. I've tried to adjust my eyes like that, so that I could see it again, but have not been able to fully "see." Every once in a while when I'm gazing at the sky and thinking really hard about it I'll get a glimpse, but never like I did that night. For me it will always be the proof that there is more than meets the eyes.

  2. Wow Anon, I'll be responding to this comment soon, just can't do it justice tonight. I hope you are following this. It would be fun to keep in contact. :)

  3. Yes, I would love to hear what someone with a psychic sight has to say about this. What little research I have done on this subject has been directing me to scientific essays and books about energy. They are sort of hum drum to me and hard to understand and don't site spiritual energy specifically, only confirms that some energy is in the spiral, tubelike formations that I saw. I always wonder why I have never heard psychics like John Edwards, Sylvia Browne, or James Van Prague speak about this as they are some of the better known well-respected psychics that I always see on TV talking about their abilities. I hear psychics talk about ghosts (spirits), but not this phenomenan. I just wonder if anyone else could explain it.


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