Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Hallow's Eve

Well, it's Halloween, I would be remiss if I neglected a post today/tonight... so here it is.

Honestly it's been fairly quiet, I was at my neighbor's house last night, as usual there were things vying for my attention over there, I was alone, watching TV, a couple of times I could see movement in the hallway, nothing too wild though. Then on 2 occasions, I saw a spark of light, too bright to be mere reflections. I saw them in a pretty short period of time and they happened in nearly the same place. Don't know what those were, they were different from what I usually see over there.

Halloween isn't really a big deal, for me it's Halloween every day, at least that's what I think other people might think of my life. Of course, on Halloween, it's OK to talk about ghosties and goulies, no one looks at you sideways when discussing these things, least of all on this night.

So now I go home from a quiet day working the Country Store. Had a bunch of Halloween candy, you know the really cheap stuff that you used to hate seeing in your bag at the end of the night... ;)
There aren't many children out here so I figured it wouldn't matter THAT much, a few people took some of the candy, perhaps it will remind them of their childhood on All Hallow's Eve.
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