Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rest of the Battle

In my previous post, written several months ago, I discussed a battle that went on right next to me, I hesitate to say it was a battle between this thing and MYSELF, as it was quite one sided, I had the ultimate power in the universe fighting this battle for me, all I had to do was pray which is what I was TOLD to do.

Now as to the "message" I was given, I was to die that night. That didn't frighten me, I've been there and I know what to expect. As I was praying, praising God, I felt a pressure on my head, it began pushing me down, as if I was going through my pillow, through my bed, I continued praying, telling God I was ready to go if it was my time, I know I was being pushed out of my body.

Then I though about PB, laying in the bed, he would find my lifeless body the following morning, that part would be sad for sure, but I also had some unfinished business, some financial business, I didn't have a will drawn up, he could potentially be left out in the cold, I told God, if this was His will, I would submit, but if it was possible, I would like enough time to get my earthly affairs in order, then I would gladly go.

I heard the phrase "2 weeks" in my head and the pressure stopped. After that, I continued praying for a while, then went to sleep.

I was not trying to negotiate for more time just to stay alive longer, I truly wanted to get my earthly affairs put together, I had no idea how my demise would happen, but I was ready to go when it did.

I had a talk with my preacher about this, though I was completely at peace about it, I just wanted at least one person to know what was going on, I also needed someone to witness my will, I had another person in mind but wouldn't tell that person until later. I also wanted someone to help PB get through losing me, he would have a great change in his life and would need the help of caring friends to do what needed to be done.

A few days later, I sought the advice of a very connected (to God) Christian, he is very spiritual, I had a long talk with he and his wife, I knew I could get confirmation from him about what happened to me that night, if the confirmation was that I was going to die within the time specified, then so be it, but if the confirmation was in the negative about that, well I would just see what happened.

After much discussion and deep prayer, he and his wife both felt like this wasn't a message from God, but instead a "parting gift" from this evil entity, it was trying to scare me, most people when challenged by death are so afraid of dying that they will try to beg their way out of it, or perhaps it was a way to try to distract me or test my faith. Either way, I have to say that it had just the opposite effect on me, that next two weeks, I walked around on clouds, I was almost ecstatic,  I was going to be with my Jesus, my God, death held no fear for me, I was ready and willing to go.

The 2 week period passed uneventfully, I did get some important things taken care of that I had put off for far too long. That creature has not been back nor do I expect to see it again, but if it should show itself again, I have no doubt about the outcome.


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