Monday, May 26, 2014

The Battle

A couple of nights ago, the shadow thing in the shower area appeared again, but before that happened, I was still up, working on my computer, I was thinking about going to bed, it was around midnight'ish, I usually take my MP3 player to bed with me, I usually listen to a Coast to Coast am downloaded podcast, this night I was "told"

"You need to pray."

It was emphatic yet matter of fact, it was not a request, it was a statement of what I needed to do, I fully believe that came directly from my Lord (the Christian God in case there is any question), I don't argue with that voice. I shut down my computer, I took my MP3 player and stuck it under my pillow, just in case it was a short prayer (grin), but didn't expect to turn it on that night.

I got in bed, turned to face the window that goes into the shower area and began to pray. My prayer started out simple enough, I asked for forgiveness of my sins, I thanked and praised God, then I said "here I am, what am I supposed to do?". I repeated that several times, being quiet and still between queries. That's when I began to see that shadow flitting around in the shower again.

It was the same thing I saw before 

 I began telling this thing that I wasn't afraid, and I began quoting Psalms 23, especially the part about "I will fear no evil, for You are with me, Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me",  and I truly had no fear, I began putting on the armor or God, praying the white light of protection around me and pleading the Blood of Jesus around me and against it.

This was a battle, but it felt like quite a one sided battle, it was not a struggle for me at all, I had the protection of my Father, this thing could do no harm, all it could do was leave, and eventually it did.

I have battled spiritual beings before, and it was a struggle, this time there was no struggle, none on my part, I just continued to pray until it was gone. I don't know how long that lasted, it could have been 10 minutes, it could have been an hour, time had no meaning right then.

Then I really went into praising my God, telling Him that He was my God, my Master, my Father, my Protector, I imagined kneeling at the feet of a King, giving my all to Him. That night I felt closer to my God than I have ever felt before.

There was more to the "message" I was given, but that part is private and I don't feel it's necessary to share it now, perhaps in the future I'll be able to, but for now, it was for me to hear.

I haven't seen that shadow creature since then, I have a feeling it's gone for good, but if it isn't, I know what to do. :)

I pray, but they are rarely formal-dry things quoted from memory, they are more like conversations, chats, praises, giving thanks, prayers are mostly started by myself, I think this is the first time a prayer session was "requested" of me like this, I must say, I rather like it :)


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