Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Dream

Dreams, they are funny things, and in most cases, they have the most meaning to the dreamer and to no one else.

I awoke this morning in the midst of a dream that was a delight (in the dream), though if it happened in reality I wouldn't be so excited about it, I'd deal with it and live with it, but it wouldn't be ideal.

I dreamed I was pregnant, in a nutshell, dreaming about being pregnant usually represents a major change is coming, when I awoke I was deciphering the dream and realized that going by the time hints I know that the "change" that was being more than hinted at was about how our lives were going to change and was about the time just before we moved off grid and didn't refer to now. (*)

Here is the dream.

I was at my dad's house, he was still alive, my sister and her best friend had arrived at the house, I had just found out I was pregnant, very pregnant, to the point where I was going to soon go into labor. I was in bed and had just awoke when my sister and her friend arrived, it was so early in the morning that it was still dark. I was debating having my child at home but realized that at my age it would be near impossible to find a midwife that would agree, and it was clear that I hadn't had any medical care during my pregnancy (apparently I didn't know I was pregnant, I thought I was going through the beginning stages of menopause and that was why I wasn't having regular periods, that is something that is going on now in my life and wasn't happening back then...). I was resigning myself to having this baby in a hospital.

After I got out of bed, I noticed my dad was on the phone and seemed to be irritated with whoever he was talking to, it turned out to be a financial organization, I had some money in this financial company and was trying to get it cashed out, my dad was talking as if they had the wrong number and was trying to hang up on them. I was trying to get to him to get the phone out of his hands before he hung up, he managed to get the phone nearly on the hook before I got my hands on it, fortunately he hadn't disconnected the call yet.

As I spoke on the phone, I found out that the stocks that I wanted to cash out were at an all time high and it was a good time to cash out. While doing the transaction, I began telling the lady on the phone about my pregnancy, how excited I was, I told her that I only had one son, that I had made the decision that if I hadn't had another child by the time he started kindergarten that I wouldn't have another child, I didn't want to have children with a huge age gap, so I didn't have another child after my son.

I was watching my son running around the back yard while having this conversation, he was 17 going on 18 in the dream, (that was a time frame hint for me to let me know it wasn't the present). I was running the numbers through my head to figure out the age difference between the two of them.

By this time, I had wandered out into the back yard, still talking to this lady on the phone. The sky was dark, but I could see an aircraft of sorts in the sky (**), it was coming out of the east heading west, it seemed to be a blimp of sorts, but militarized, able to move faster and maneuver easily, it was also armored and quiet, there was a large one and a smaller one attached to it, next to it, not behind or in front of it.

I had time to consider Bob in the dream, I knew we were about to move across the state and live a completely different life, I wondered how having a baby would change our lives. I was also calculating how old I would be at each major stage of my baby's life, how old I would be when school started, during graduation, marriage and such. It was also noted that Bob wasn't there in the dream, that was OK though, he was getting our west Texas-off grid home ready.

In the dream I was delighted about becoming a mother again, even though I knew it would radically change my life. In real life, if I were to find out I was pregnant, well as I said above, I would live with it, I don't believe in abortion, especially if it's just a case of inconvenience. I would accept it and go on with my life, but it wouldn't be what I would want to have happen.

(*) The time frame for the dream was just before we moved to our off grid home, the time hints were the age of my son, being almost 18, my dad still being alive, trying to cash in stock (it was Best Buy employee stock), yet there were hints of today, going through peri-menopause, there were many more hints of this being a previous time rather than being in the present time.

(**) Over the years, I have had recurring dreams of military craft flying over the backyard of my dad's house, it is ALWAYS ominous, sometimes they stop and hover in the air, that is the scariest part. Sometimes in the dreams the aircraft crash in or near my dad's backyard, I always have a deep seated fear of what this means. In each of the dreams, the airplanes are always different, it's not an identical dream, but definitely a recurring theme. Also, the airplanes almost always come out of the west or a westerly direction, in this dream, it was very clear that it came out of the east, far far in the east, heading west.

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