Monday, November 11, 2013

Roses Roses

About a week and a half ago, I had an interesting experience over at a friend's house. I was over there, about to get ready to leave, when I smelled a very strong scent, it was the scent of roses, very strong, very definite, there was no mistaking the scent. I could only smell it in a certain area in the kitchen, I could walk into the "scent" space and out of it, I asked my friend if there was anything that could possibly smell like roses in her kitchen area and she assured me there was nothing.

She came over and sniffed the air, I could still smell it strongly, and she was well within the scent bubble, but she couldn't smell it at all, this was not subtle, it was strong and definite.

At one point it vanished, then it came back, in the same spot. I walked around sniffing the various things to see if it was coming from something, it was not the laundry, it was not the fruit in a bag nearby, it was not coming from anything, but it was in the air, in a certain area, a 3D scent bubble that I could detect the edges, where it was and where it wasn't.

My friend suggested that "Mother Mary" was known to have the scent of roses associated with her, well I am not a Catholic, I don't believe in praying to saints or Mary, I do not believe that had anything to do with what I was smelling.

Another possibility is my mother, she loved roses, she had a difficult time finding perfumes that she could wear, they tended to go sour on her, she blamed her chemistry. One of the few scents she could wear was one by Avon called Roses Roses, and yes, it smelled just like roses. I did NOT feel the presence of my mother, I didn't really "feel" anything, I just smelled the scent very strongly.

It eventually dissipated, I haven't smelled it since, it was very odd though, I don't usually smell things like that, I'm more a visual or auditory person, I see and hear things, I even sense the presence of things (feel them), sometimes they physically touch me, but it's so very rare for me to smell something like that...

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