Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Overrated

I watched an interesting documentary a few hours ago, it's called

Angels, Aliens & UFOs

This is basically a show about seeing things through video cameras that the naked eye cannot see, things such as lights, orbs, shapes, shadows and such. At first I wasn't very impressed, the images and videos tended to be blurry and quite frankly I couldn't see what they said they were seeing, but it did get better as it went on.

Here is a preview of the show
Some of the things I saw in the video were pretty close to the things I see, the shadow on the building, some of the lights going across the sky, I also liked that the host of the show referred to scripture, it wasn't all "new age" or full of "let's meet our alien brothers"...

I watched this on NetFlix, I am enjoying a free month of use then I'll most likely cancel my membership, or I might keep it for a while like I did before, at least until I run out of shows I want to watch, this is my second free month they have offered to me.

I'd say if you aren't a NetFlix subscriber, it would be worth getting the free month just to watch this show.

I noticed it didn't have good reviews, I gave it a 5 star rating, for what it was it was pretty good, much better than the ghost hunting shows on TV nowdays. 

I have pretty much stopped watching the ghost hunting shows, I used to enjoy watching Ghost Hunters, especially the first few seasons, they seemed to be pretty genuine back then, they actually had shows where they found nothing, or they found normal explanations for what was thought to be paranormal activity.

Then, slowly over time, they would find something paranormal in each and every show, maybe their target audience didn't like seeing them find nothing, maybe they quit showing the investigations where they found nothing or found normal answers... I don't know what happened but it got to be very predictable and quite frankly boring... I still catch the show every now and again, but I make no special effort to watch it.

I couldn't stand all the other ghost hunting shows that cropped up after Ghost Hunters, I would watch then a time or two, most of them were a joke, filled with bad night vision distorted face cams of screaming investigators running away when anything so called "paranormal" happened... 

I had all but given up on those kinds of shows, I didn't bother even looking at the more strange ones, there's one out now about southern hicks hunting ghosts, and yet another about swampland rednecks hunting ghosts, another that combines ghost hunting with gold mining... I am glad there is enough interest in this subject to warrant people trying to make these really bad shows... I just can't watch them though...

Until a couple of weeks ago, I was at my neighbor's house doing some laundry, I turned on the TV and on one of the channels was a show called Haunted Collector, I had heard about it but really thought it would be just too far out for me, I watched one segment and part of another, I couldn't believe it, but I found myself wanting to see the rest of the show, so I found it online and watched it. Today I was doing laundry there again and they were having a marathon of this show, I watched a couple of the episodes and so far I like it, they don't run screaming every time something happens, they seem to do quite a bit of research on the location they are working, and they seem to be pretty normal people with real feelings, they don't come across as fake, they also don't jump to conclusions.

I'll be investigating this show more closely.

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