Friday, July 27, 2012

Really Back Home

It's been a few weeks since my last post about my dad, let me tell you that when I wrote that I was told he would pull through (ie not die right then), I really wasn't feeling it, I truly thought he would pass any time, I didn't expect him to live, to survive the next few days, but I went ahead and wrote what I had been "told", mainly as a way to document what I had been told, and as per usual, the voice was accurate, not that I believed it, I really thought that this time, the voice was wrong, had to be wrong.

My dad did come home from the hospital, for only a few days though, he began going downhill again and went back in, he is still there, it's been over 2 weeks on this stay in the hospital. I stayed with him as much as I could, mostly staying there overnight, my sister staying with him during the day. He goes up and down, getting better, then getting worse. When it was clear that he wasn't in imminent danger of passing right away, I took the opportunity to come home for a bit, I had some things that needed to be done here, so my sister drove me home, it's some 500 miles away, so it's an overnight trip. I also thought the timing would be best if my dad was still in the hospital while we were gone, the assumption is if/when my dad gets out of the hospital, my sister will move in with him and take care of him.

Honestly I'm thinking I'll be back within a month, well make that about 3 weeks now counting the near week I've been back. I haven't been told anything else, so for now, I'm just going by my gut feelings. I do want to try my utmost best to be by my dad's side when he passes, I want to be holding his hand and talking him into the next world, just like I did with my half sister on her death bed.

Sorry if this sounds a bit disjointed, it's just how things are right now.

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