Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back Home

It's so strange to be in my childhood house again,  this is where I spent most of my growing up years once we settled for good in Texas. This has also been a very active house spiritwise. 

It's been more years than I care to count since I've lived here, and around 4 years since I've been here for a visit. I here now because we thought my dad was on death's door, he had pneumonia and had been hospitalized 2X for it, he also has congestive heart failure. At neatly 84 years of age (he will be turning 84 this coming Sunday) he has lived a good long and healthy life. He still has his mind and has been fairly active until the last few months. 

At this point, it's up in the air whether or not he pulls through this one, literally up to God to take him or not. I'm feeling like he is going to pull through, especially since he's still kicking, just gotta keep him rested and at the same time, try to keep him active enough to build up his strength.

I've been here nearly a couple of weeks, let me go back a bit, a few days before I came out, I had been very busy trying to get the sky castle ready for PB's daughter, SIL and 2 grandsons to come out for a visit, their first visit. The day they were supposed to arrive, I was still trying to do last minute things, around 5ish I took a break and felt an urge to call my dad. I listen to those urges. When he answered, he couldn't speak, he could barely squeak, I could understand his squeaking that he couldn't speak. After questioning him a bit, I found out that he didn't have a sore throat and that he was home alone, he sounded very scared and confused. I told him I would hang up and call my sister.

Turns out my sis had just left him around 45 minutes before and he had been just fine. Once she talked to him, she left what they were doing and went right over, they ended up calling 911 and taking him to the hospital. This would be his 2nd stay in the hospital for pneumonia. I fully believe that if I hadn't called him when I did, he wouldn't have survived.

Hospitals are very hot spots for spiritual activity, of course I saw all sorts of things there, movements and shadows mostly. I ignored them, I was more concerned about my dad at that point. Now that dad is out of the hospital, I'm spending all of my time here taking care of him, this house is still just as active as ever. Sparks of light, shadows, movements, sounds... just like it was before. 

Dad keeps seeing things too, though at this point it's hard to determine how much of it is "real" and how much is the meds and his physical condition.  

I had planned on leaving at the end of this week, but I think I'll stay an extra week, I really want to get home, but dad needs me the most right now. I want to be with him when he passes from this earthly realm into the spirit realm, I don't know how soon that is going to be now. If my "voice" is still accurate, I've been told he will pull through this one. I feel pretty good about it.

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