Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Christmas is nearly here, things are going very well for us. I'm still experiencing the paranormal, the main thing I'm seeing right now is sparkly lights, I see them regularly, the way I test to know if it's something going on in my eyes (floaters and such), when I see one of these sparkly lights, I will move my eyes, I'll look slightly away from the sparkle, if the sparkle stays in the same place in the air, I know it's really there, if the sparkle moves with my eyes, then I know I'm seeing a floater or something that is going on inside my head or eyes.

I will admit that sometimes I am seeing floaters and such, the thing I see moves with my eyes, and that's OK, it happens, not everything that I see is paranormal, and I try my best to determine whether something has a "natural" explanation.

I don't know what these sparkly lights are, they are almost always in the air, above my height, nearer to the ceiling. sometimes it's a single pinpoint of light, sometimes it's multiple lights like a sparkler, these usually move a little, perhaps a few inches, often in an arc shape. I don't know if these are spirits, other kinds of entities or just a display of something electrical.

I believe that we are in the end times (Biblical), I wonder if the closer we get into the end times, the thinner the veil becomes between this physical world and the spiritual world...

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