Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Been dreaming a lot of dreams lately, I generally dream a lot but I don't often remember them, or they fade away quickly upon awakening. I rarely dream things that mean anything, but when I do, they really stick with me.

The latest dream I had that woke me up a few mornings ago, first let me explain why I believe I had this dream, I found an article on Wikipedia about the "drowning response", it's what is actually happening when a person drowns, it's not the kicking flailing screaming scene you see in the movies, it's actually very fast, without much movement. So now to my dream, I was dreaming about the underground tunnels (actually drainage tunnels) that are near where I grew up. These tunnels are pretty big, at least if you are a kid, I believe most adults would be able to stand up in them, I played in them as a kid and a teen, these went under the parking lot of the shopping center and dumped out into a creek, then that lead to some even bigger tunnels, ones you could drive a pickup truck through.

In my dream I was a young boy of about 10 or 11 years old, I was riding a bike across the parking lot of the local shopping center. There was a large carnival going on, it was getting late in the evening, the sun was going down but it wasn't completely dark yet, it was that time of evening when you turn your headlights on but you can still see light in the sky, I was mesmerized by the lights and activity of this carnival but I knew I needed to go home.

As I was riding my bike across the parking lot towards where I lived, I felt this impending danger, something really bad was coming and I might not outrun whatever it was, I didn't think I could make it home. I got to the edge of the parking lot and ditched my bike, I ran into the center of 3 tunnels that are down in a creek bed that goes through the neighborhood, once I got in there, I realized this wasn't the best place to hide so I tried to run out but a great wash of water was flooding in, it was a couple of feet deep and getting deeper, it was moving fast, I had no chance to get out that way, I turned and ran the other way, deeper into the tunnel.

As I was nearing the other end, it changed, in real life the other end of this tunnel is just as open as the first end, but in the dream this tunnel closed down into something very small, there was a concrete ledge going up and I had no choice but to climb, it continued going up like a spiral staircase made of concrete, each level becoming smaller and tighter, the water was coming up behind me. The space became so tight that I was squeezing and contorting my body to get around the next part, I had this thought, "I'm so glad I know these tunnels like the back of my hand...", no sooner had I thought that when my head became stuck in the next turn, I couldn't go any further, it had become too small for me to continue, I didn't believe I could go back the way I came because I was so contorted in this small spiral space, and the water was coming up fast. My next thoughts were that I knew drowning was not painful, it was the waiting and struggling that was horrible, and wondering if anyone would find my body... I awoke after that.

A few nights later, I dreamed that I was in my Dad's house, I saw my younger brother as an adult, as he would look now if he were still alive (he was killed in an accidental shooting 20 something years ago), he looked really good, quite normal (his life was anything but normal, he had lots of problems I will not go into here), I realized that everything looked extra sharp, extra bright without being blinding, there were almost no shadows, everything looked extra real, better than any high-def TV ever thought of being. I realized that I was dead, this was as if I had died instead of my brother, when that thought struck me, I wondered if I could communicate with anyone, so I went up to my brother and I touched my first two fingers of one hand to just under my eyes and then I touched my fingers to just under my brother's eyes, like those military guys do when they are trying to say "keep your eyes peeled" to another soldier in the movies without saying anything. I felt my brother but it was somewhat different than touching something solid, I can't explain, my fingers felt him but he didn't seem to notice the touch. I awoke right after that, it was a strange dream.

I have often wondered how the physical world looks when you are in the spirit world, I've heard different theories, I've heard that the spirits don't see the physical world, they just see lights and such (energy), or that they only see their realms, not ours... now I wonder if what I saw in my dream is how everything looks to a spirit when they are in the physical realm...

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