Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Night My Mom Came For A Visit

Here is a strange occurrence that happened to me. This happened back in 87 or 88, my (now ex) husband and our almost 2 year old son were living in Oregon with my inlaws. We slept in the converted attic, my hubby and I had the room on one side, our son had the room on the other side. I was very close to my mom and missed her terribly, she was back in Texas. We didn't get to talk very often and I knew it would be a long time before I saw her again. This was the first time I had been this far away from home and my family.

Our bed was a double sized bed, we barely had enough room to sleep on this bed, we were constantly jostling for space. The bed was pushed against one wall, I slept on that side, so often times I was squished against the wall. One night,  I don't believe I had been alseep yet, I was being really pushed into the wall, I was laying on my back, I turned my head toward my hubby, I was about to ask for more room, or just gently push him over, before I could speak, I could see a third person in the bed between us. This was a full grown person, not our son, he was sleeping in a crib and couldn't get out. There was a bright light right outside the window so I could see clearly that there was another person in the bed.

I froze, not knowing exactly what I should do first, then I realized it was my mother! Now anyone who has a perverted mind can just go away right now, or at least thank me for the fantasy fodder. I could feel my mother's body up against mine, shoulder to shoulder, arm to arm, hip to hip, leg to leg. I wondered what I should do. I could clearly see her, feel her, I could also see my hubby on the edge of the bed, on the verge of falling off. I was very comforted by all of this, it reminded me of when I was a child, all of us kids would climb into bed with mom and dad, especially on the weekends, there was no safer or more comfortable place. So that night I was transported back to my childhood, albeit briefly. I was afraid to move, afraid it would all disappear. I stayed awake as long as I could, eventually I fell asleep. The next morning, I was disappointed to realize that she wasn't really there, though I knew in reality that she wouldn't be there. I asked my hubby if he remembered anything about the night before, he said that I was really crowding him.

The other thing I realized the next morning is that my mother was not wearing anything, I felt no clothing, no nightgown or anything. I thought this strange as my mother was always cold, especially at night, as far back as I could remember my mother wore nightgowns to bed, flannel in the winter, and lighter materials in the summer. This was in the middle of winter, so my mother should have been wearing SOMETHING to bed.

I called my mother that day to ask her if she remembered anything about the night before, she didn't, she said she slept just fine, then I asked her about sleeping in the nude, well to my surprise she told me that she had been sleeping in the nude for some time. Talk about a confirmation! I told her about what happened, she wasn't surprised about it at all, though she had no memory of it.

There were many other things that happened in my in-law's house in the time we lived there. This house was over 100 years old, it was in a historic district, which only meant that you had to go before a committee if you wanted to change the color of your house, or do anything that would affect the outside appearance of the house. Anyhoo, one thing that was always in the house was something referred to as a residual, I could see a man standing just outside the landing for the attic stairs, he was about to go up the stairs. He never moved or reacted, I didn't feel anything from him, he was merely a 3D snapshop, this was not a spirit, just a memory. I don't know what caused this residual to happen right there, but it was definitely there. He wore a red and black flannel, long sleeved shirt and either brown or dark tan pants. He has short, dark hair, I wonder if he was a logger. I couldn't see him if I looked directly at him, I had to use my peripheral vision.

Another thing that happened in that house was one weekend, my in-laws had gone out of town for the weekend. My hubby was taking a shower, I was chasing our son through the house, we were having fun. The bathroom door was open, I could hear things hitting the floor in the bathroom, then I heard my hubby yell at our son to stop it and get out. Well our son was with me, not in the bathroom. I went in there to see what he was yelling about, I could see toiletries and shaving stuff on the floor in front of the washer and dryer. My hubby would place a towel on the dryer and place his shaving and other things on top of the towel. It appeared that "someone" had pulled the towel part way off the dryer and some of the things were on the floor, the rest of it was not far behind.

I asked my hubby why was he yelling at our son, he replied that our son had been in there pulling on the towel, I informed him that our son had been with me the whole time, he had not gone into the bathroom, I even heard the stuff hitting the floor, we had been in the kitchen when that happened.

The shower was a walk in shower, with room for 2, the door was a sliding door with translucent glass, my hubby never said that he saw anyone, but SOMEONE pulled that towel, and no the washer and dryer were not running at the time. At first my hubby said that I had put our son up to doing that as a prank, eventually I convinced him that neither of us did it.

I was not happy living there, I missed my family very much, especially my mother. I didn't get along with my mother in law, we just had different opinions about nearly everything, from how to raise my son, what foods to cook, to what books I read from the library. I spent a lot of time upstairs in my room during the day, the only time I felt even semi-comfortable in the house was after everyone went to bed. I would sit up in the den watching TV. One night I felt something warm and furry rub against my feet. I pulled my feet up and looked, I saw nothing. The only light in the room was coming from the TV. This felt like a small cat or kitten. This happened nearly every night after that, I never saw anything, I just felt the furry sensation on my feet. There were no animals in that house, at least not ones that anyone could see. :) This was comforting to me.

That is about everything I can remember, it seems like a lot, but this took place over a 9 month period. I spent the winter and spring in Oregon, and as pretty as Oregon is, and as nice as the people there are, all I wanted to do was go home to Texas. I finally got my wish and I have not left Texas since. :)


  1. I know many people don't believe in the non-physical world. Sometimes we question and sometimes maybe we don't. I guess it's different for everyone. I like to believe there is more than the physical.

  2. Steve, for me it's a matter of faith, I'm not talking religion, I KNOW that there is more than just the physical world, I know it just as strongly as I know there is a table under my computer right now that I am typing upon.

    I wonder what happens to the people who don't believe in an afterlife, I wonder if their spirit or soul just sits in one place for a long time because they don't believe it's real, or perhaps they don't believe they are even dead yet....

    Thanks for commenting. :)

  3. Interesting stories! I also agree that there is more than just the physical world. I think the physical world may very well be the 'illusion'. Ultimately, everything we experience is interpreted in our minds, so the physical world we see is just our mind's interpretation of it.

    As for those that don't believe in the afterlife, I'd imagine it may vary how long it takes for them to move on. Some probably realize fairly quickly what's happened, others may take longer. I suppose everyone believes eventually though.


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