Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Trials and tribulations, not fun to go through, we often wonder "why me?", why is this happening? Does the diamond ask why it had to go through the intense pressure when it was still a piece of carbon? Does the gold ask why it had to go though brutal heat to remove the impurities? Does the blade ask why it had to be heated and beaten to be shaped into a wonderful and useful sword?

Strength is not known until it is tested, we often don't think about that. It's all too easy to want to to take the lighter load, to take the easy road. But the only way to become stronger is to take on the challenges of life. The answers to life's tough questions are not always easy to find, often you are looking for one thing only to stumble across something even more valuable.

Sometimes the diamonds crack, sometimes the iron breaks, life is not easy, it is not neat and clean, life can be difficult and messy, but you cannot hide yourself or stop living because you are afraid of what might happen, I don't know if we are given one life to live, or if we have multiple lives to get things right, either way, I will live my life as if I have this one shot, if it turns out that I'll get another chance, then that is a bonus, but one I'll not count on.

The saying is easy, the doing is hard, but ohhhh the rewards for getting it right...

Ultimately I ask myself, do I want to end up as a lump of carbon, relatively soft, crumbly, dirty, or do I want to become a diamond? What about you? It's your choice.
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  1. People are limited in what they believe. We are influenced by all the images around us. It takes a lot of guts to step out of the common and believe in more than just yourself.

  2. Yes Steve, I know that people are limited by many things, one reason for my writing here is to try to get people to see and understand that fact, once you "see", then you can begin to do something about it, it's difficult to fight or change what you cannot see.

    I also want people to stick their heads out of the deep holes they are in and see that there is more, much more than what they realize is around them, more choices, more life, more joy.

    Yes, it does take a lot of guts to do these things, and if even just one person, after reading something I write here takes a leap of faith, whether it works or not, then I feel like I have accomplished something. :)

    Thanks for taking the time to write here, please feel free to add your knowledge here any time you wish. I feel honored that you added my blog to your list. For what it's worth, I'm Comanche and Apache (as well as English, Irish and German-Dutch). I feel like the Native American blood has influenced my spiritual growth.

  3. I like what 'about you' says. I ask these 3 questions when talking to people..Where do you want to be? Where are you now? what are you going to do to get there? I read this in a project management text and feel that it is a good place to start. However, for me, I am still struggling to get off my butt. :-0

  4. Thanks Steve, yeah, getting off one's butt can be difficult, I KNOW. Motivation is the key, you gotta find out what motivates you and do it. I say all of this while looking around my messy house, I've GOTTA get up and clean, today! ;)


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