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Camera Review

I received this camera a few weeks ago, it is a replacement for the first camera I purchased, actually the first one was a MP4 player, it played MP3 music, videos, it had a still and video camera, but first and foremost it was a media player, it did a mediocre job at taking pictures and videos, so I returned it and ordered a camera, something that actually did the job it was supposed to do.

First I want to say that if you are ordering anything from this company, unless you have mega patience, I highly recommend that you spring for the extra to have it delivered via DHL. I ordered this last week, a day later I received the tracking number, it was still in Hong Kong, by the middle of the night it was in Ohio, the next morning it was in El Paso and the DHL guy was calling me to confirm the directions. I don't know how they did it so fast, but they did!

Here is what I ordered MPEG4 Digital Video Camcorder With Optical Telescope Zoom Lens I had a hard time choosing between this camera with a telescope type zoom lens and another one with a wide angle lens, I decided on the zoom lens because I figured I would be able to make better use out of a zoom lens than the wide angle lens for now, I might order the other camera at a later date though.

I assumed that this camera had no internal memory, the website said nothing about internal memory, just listing the max size and type of external memory, I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the camera does indeed have internal memory, it's not much, especially for video, it's only 50 megs, but it's enough to get you started, you can take lots of pix on it, but only about 7 minutes of video on the highest (video quality) setting.

When I first connected the camera to my computer, my anti-virus software pegged it as a virus, that concerned me for a minute, then I remembered that you are supposed to format the memory, you do that through the camera interface, it only took a few seconds. When I hooked it back up to my computer, no more false virus alerts. The computer saw it as another storage device. It showed me 2 folders, one is for the video, the other is for MP3s, though I wouldn't recommend storing any MP3 music on the internal memory, with only 50 megs of memory, you will need every bit of that for your pictures and videos, unless you have an external memory card.

As for the external memory card, the website says you can use up to a 4 GB SD memory card, the instructions that come with it said you could use up to a 1 GB card, I will get a 4 GB card, I assume the camera firmware has been updated since the instruction sheet was printed. I have also learned that there are different types of SD memory cards, unfortunately this camera cannot use
SDHC, you have to get a standard SD card, if I find out that I can use the high speed card in this camera, I'll let you know.

I purchased a 2 pack of 2 GB SD memory cards, that was the biggest card I could get without it being SDHC. I am still pleased with it, it holds thousands of pictures and hours of video on one 2 GB card.

This camera fits in my hand perfectly, it has a 3 inch flip out screen that can rotate so you can see yourself if you are pointing the camera toward yourself. The buttons on the camera take a bit of getting used to, I suppose with time, I'll be more comfortable with where the buttons are and what each one does. I really like this camera, it takes stills and videos, you have the option to record sound (or not) with your videos, you can also use this as a voice recorder if you want, I haven't tried this but it is available. You can play back your videos, view your pictures and listen to your sound recordings as well as listen to MP3 audio, it has a built in speaker, though it is tiny and is not meant for major use, I'd say if you want to listen to your MP3 audios, use your MP3 player and use your camera to take pictures and videos.

The digital zoom (I'm not talking about the zoom lens), the image quality with the digital zoom, especially if you zoom in as far as you can is pretty bad, it's very grainy.

You can't use the digital zoom feature when you are actively recording a video.

When snapping a picture, there is a delay of a second or so from the time you push the button and when it actually takes the picture, I understand this is an issue with most (possibly all) digital cameras. It's an annoyance when trying to photograph animals, they often don't sit still while the camera takes its time snapping a picture.

The camera does come with a small protective pouch, it's too small to call a camera bag, my complaint about that is there is no room for the zoom lens. If you already have a camera bag, then that issue is solved.

The specs are:
  • Primary Functions: Digital Video and Still Camera with Telescope Zoom Lens
  • Screen: 3.0 inch flipout TFT LCD
  • Storage:
    - External Memory = up to 4GB with standard SD Card
    - Internal Memory = 50 mb
  • Max. Resolution: 12 Megapixel (interpolation)
  • Image Sensor: 5 Megapixel CMOS
  • Color: Silver
  • PC interface: USB 2.0
  • Built-in Microphone: YES
  • Built-in Speaker: YES
  • Certification: CE, FCC
  • Operating Systems: Windows 2000 / Me / XP / Vista
  • Languages: English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese
  • Dimensions: 116mm x 55mm x 60mm (L x W x H)
  • Power supply: 1000mAh rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Battery Type: NP-60 style (easily to find Nokia type)
  • Catalog Ref: Digital Video Camcorder, Ultra-Portable camcorder, Still and Video digital camera


  • Image Capture:
    - Lens: Wide - F/3.0, f=7.45mm
    - Imaging sensor: 1/2.5" CMOS 5 Mega Pixel
    Focus range: Normal: 1m ~ Infinity, Macro: 25cm ~ 50cm
    - Shutter: 1/4~1/2000 Sec
    - Zoom: 4x Digital Zoom
    - Exposure: EV in 0.5 steps (+2 to -2)
    - TV OUT Format: NTSC / PAL
    - Banding: 50Hz / 60Hz
  • Camera
    - Capture Format: JPEG
    - Resolution: 3648x2736, 2592x1944, 2048x1536, 1600x1200, 1280x960, 640x480
    - Image Quality (compression): Super, Fine, Normal
    - Strobe Flash: OFF / ON / Auto / Red Eye Reduction
    - Capture Modes: Single shot / Continuous / 10 sec / 20 sec
    - Daystamp Option: YES
    - Additional settings: Scene modes, White balance, Color effects, Quick View
  • Video Camera
    - Capture Format: MPEG4 (AVI)
    - Resolution: 640x480, 320x240
    - Frame Rate: 30 FPS / 15 FPS
    - Audio: YES - ON / OFF
    - Additional settings: White balance
  • Audio Recorder: YES
  • Recording Format: WAV
  • Audio Player: YES
  • Player Formats: MP3, WAV
  • Picture Viewer: YES
  • Viewer Format: JPG

Camera Controls:

  • Primary Buttons/IO Slots:
    - ON/OFF button
    - MIC
    - Flash OPEN/CLOSE
    - Standard/Macro switch
    - Menu
    - Mode
    - Zoom IN
    - Zoom OUT
    - OK
    - Record/Capture
    - SD card slot
    - Headphone jack
    - Mini-USB (TV OUT)
    - 4 buttons for navigation

  • For best performance from your SD card you should format the card for the cameras interface. This assures the best compatibility and speed .
  • Built-in standard tripod screw base
  • LCD viewer has both flip-out and 360 degree rotation
  • TV-OUT allowing you to view your recorded movies directly from your camcorder to your TV set
  • True built-in flash - a rarity in budget DV camcorders!
  • PC Camera function

Package Contents

  • Model CVSE-DV01 Digital Video Camcorder
  • Telescope zoom lens
  • Mini-USB to USB cable
  • Power adapter (100-240V 50/60Hz)
  • User manual - English
  • CD driver disc (for older systems)
  • Stereo earphones
  • AV OUT cable
  • Padded carrying case
  • Remote control
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery (1000mAh)


I added YouTube sound just because I didn't want to talk, it does capture sound pretty well.
This video is the lowest quality setting,
15 fps

This is the next best quality
15 fps

This is the next best quality
30 fps

This is the highest quality
30 fps

I am very happy with this camera, it does not have all the bells and whistles that some other cameras might have, but it doesn't come with the mega price tag that the other brand name cameras come with. For the price, it's a great camera, stills and video. I give it a thumbs up!

Get the high def version of this camera here 1080P HD Video Camera - High-Res Video Camcorder (Up To 60FPS)

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