Monday, June 15, 2009

Brain Game

rHere's something fun. I saw this video on YouTube, it shows you whether you are left or right brained. Play the video and see which direction the girl is turning.

It is said that if you see the dancer turning clockwise (to the right) then you are right brained, creative, intuitive, non-linear, abstract thinker, if you see her turning counterclockwise (to the left) then you are left brained, analytical, number oriented, linear, detail oriented thinker.

Some see her going in one direction and cannot change it no matte what, some can "train" their brain to make it change, some can make it change back and forth at will, sort of the ambidextrous thinkers of the world.

I see her going clockwise, to the right, and I have not been able to make her spin in the other direction.

I do tend to be creative, non-linear and abstract in my thinking, math has generally been a mystery to me (don't ask me to measure anything!). I'm OK with that, I enjoy my mind. :)

What do you see? Leave me a comment and let me know, also tell me if you believe you are left or right brained, are you creative or analytical? Are you able to make her switch directions?
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  1. I already knew I was right brain and saw the dancer spinning clockwise. But when I taught of a simple math problem, the dancer immediately changed to counterclockwise. That is amazing!

  2. Thanks Marbella Designs, I can only see her going clockwise, no matter what I do, I do have a dislike of math, so I understand why I can't get her to spin the other direction. :)

    It is interesting!

  3. That was fun. The counterclockwise right brain spin definitely is predominant for me. At one point, the spin did suddenly switch which surprised me so much I almost jumped and then it reverted back to counterclockwise. I replayed the video to see if I could switch to left brain again but I couldn't. Performance anxiety? I am tired this morning so that probably doesn't help. I switched off the video and now I feel cross-eyed inside of my head.

    Thanks. I am going to show this to family members and see what happens.


  4. I clearly see it spinning right and can't make it even by thinking multiplication tables.
    I have 3 children. One is left handed and loves math she saw it spinning left.
    I have 2 (a boy and girl) that saw her spinning right.

  5. Thanks Susan, it's an amazing thing to actually see.

  6. Hi Wretha! That is just the freakiest thing. She always spins clockwise for me until I do a simple math problem in my head. Then she goes the other direction. But she goes back to clockwise as soon as I stop thinking about numbers, which explains why I always forget math as soon as I stop concentrating on it. I hate math. :p

    Thank you for stopping by and I am enjoying your blogs very much!


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