Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One Year Ago Today

It's been exactly one year ago today that I made my last post, it's not that nothing has happened, but life has happened, lots of it. I still have "experiences", mostly on a daily basis, but nothing that has jumped up high enough to be written about.

Most of what has happened is that "little voice" type thing, turning left instead of turning right, slowing down or speeding up, as you can tell it's usually when I'm driving in my truck going all over west Texas to work.

That's all for now, I'm about to get ready to go out to work, we have been snowed in for several days, we don't get a lot of snow and it doesn't take much to bring everything to a halt out here. I'm not 100% sure I can get out of my neighborhood, we have unpaved roads in a very hilly/mountainous terrain, there is one hill I have to get up and I have no guarantee that my truck can make it, it just depends on how dry the road is, most of the snow is gone, we are just waiting on the roads to dry up.

I'm looking forward to a good 2016 :) 

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