Saturday, August 20, 2011

My Latest Thing...

Things have been going on pretty normally, at least normal for me LOL, that is until a few days ago, things have been pretty quiet, then I began to see odd things, I am seeing "movement" in the air, usually looking like a bit of smoke or a disturbance in the air, it's usually almost directly where I am already looking, I am pretty used to seeing odd things, but these have been odder than usual, not so much what I have been seeing, but more the feeling I get when I see them. I can't explain it exactly, it's just something that is really catching my attention more than usual. I know this must sound like gibberish, it's the best I can do in explaining. I'm not getting bad feelings, but it's definitely catching my attention each time.

I saw it 2 or 3 times just today, and I know I've seen it several other times in the previous days. I'll just keep watching and trying to figure out what it is, I'll pray about it too, there must be a reason why I'm seeing this same (or similar) thing over and over again.

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