Saturday, April 26, 2008

First the country store

Well, I had my first experience in my new home with something, I'm not sure what exactly, this is what happened. First, it wasn't actually in my house, it was at the small country store where I work. This place is a small, quaint country store in the mountain community where I live, it has a small selection of foods, toiletries, cleaning supplies, beer, wine and cigarettes. There aren't very many people living out here, there are fewer than 200 full time residents, during the day when I am there, long stretches can go by with no one coming into the store. I have cleaned until there isn't one speck of dust anywhere, ok I exaggerate, there is always dust, but I tackle one thing at a time each time I work, which is only every other weekend, unless the owner needs me to work more.

esterday, I was sitting in the store, in front of the computer playing solitaire, yes, I was bored, it had been an hour or so since the last customer had come in. It's pretty quiet in there too, the main thing I hear is the compressors coming on in the freezers and refrigerators, and the occasional bird call from outside. As I was sitting on the chair in front of the computer, I felt something touch the back of my hair and scalp. Not a tugging, it felt like someone was just fiddling with a piece of my hair and touching my scalp. I ran my hand down the back of my head, I was expecting to find a moth or some other bug, I felt nothing, I rubbed that spot and went back to playing sol. It happened again, in the same spot, again I felt for an insect, there are lots of moths and other flying insects out here, I fully expected to feel one, but again, I felt nothing but hair. I rubbed the spot even harder, fluffing out my hair thinking if this was just a nerve gone crazy, I would give it something to go crazy about. I went back to playing sol, again this happened, this time I asked aloud in a neutral voice, "Why are you touching my hair?", I turned around in the chair and looked all around, I saw and felt nothing. After that, it didn't happen again, I suppose that by acknowledging it was there by speaking aloud to it, that was all it needed (?).

I have a suspicion, though I can't say for sure, the owner of the store lost her husband around Christmas time, he had been very sick for a long time. I never actually met him, but I did see him in the store once. I know that the store was a focal point for both of them.

Was it him? I don't know, does it scare me? No, I felt nothing negative about the whole thing. It hasn't happened again, today I spent more time sitting in front of that same computer and nothing happened.

When I first started working at this store, about a month ago, I did think about him while I was cleaning and dusting (and getting familiar with what they stock there), I hoped that if he was watching, he would be happy that I am there helping his wife to take care of the place.

What do you think?



  1. Some things can't always be explained, you just accept them for what they seem to be trying to tell you.


  2. Hey Riverwalker, thanks for being the first person to comment on this blog, I haven't put in nearly enough time on this blog, it's almost overwhelming, I have had (nearly daily) experiences all of my life, anyhoo, where do I start??? Anyhoo, it will come to me as it's supposed to. :)

    Have you had any paranormal experiences?


  3. Just started reading your blog. Already lots of useful info the guys blogs dont tell ya.

    I have had a couple paranormal (?)encounters in my time. Most all were just unusual, but one was down right creepy.

    Its a bit long, so I will put it in a nutshell. I was cleaning a house, it was late fall and I began hearing thumping coming from a closet. I tried several times to open the door, thinking there might be an animal trapped. (this is a heavily wooded area and squirrels and such are always getting into homes) As I clean, I kept hearing the noise, so I went one last time and tried the door and this time it opened easy as could be. The closet was empty. Hmm I am thinking, but continued on as I was losing light and didnt want to be there after dark. I was upstairs and was vacuuming when I got a serious case of the willies. Not long after, as I was still moving the vac back and forth I felt a brush of air across my cheek and heard "Youuu" moving past my ear. I admit, I was one mental snap away from doing the funky chicken. Needless to say, I was done with that house that day, and any other day after. The cherry on that visit was, as I was leaving the house, pitch dark outside to go turn the lights on in my car, the door was pulled out of my hands, and slammed shut on my face. I ran to my car, hit the road shaking. I told the property owners about it and that I wasn't going to be cleaning that home again, and their reply was, "No one ever comes back"
    Anyway, thats my story.

  4. Wow very cool! And a little scary...

    I once purchased a rocking chair from a used furniture store. The lady who sold it to me said that the owner had died and her children had pretty much sold all of this woman's furniture to her.

    I purchased the chair not really thinking of it.. refinished it and placed it next to my bed.

    I started waking up in the middle of the night with the feeling that someone was watching me. So after a couple of sleepless nights I moved my furniture around.

    Again I would always wake up in the direction of that chair thinking someone was watching me.

    I ended up throwing away the chair. I had NEVER experienced anything like that before, and haven't since.


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