Wednesday, November 16, 2016

My poor blog, must feel like an orphan :)

I've managed to do it again, not have enough time to post anything here, not because of lack of activity, things continue to happen around me on a daily basis, I just don't take the time to sit down and document everything.

Well, something has happened recently, actually a couple of somethings that I want to write about here, I'll have to keep them to myself right now, because it has to do with someone else and I need to have their permission before writing about it. Sorry to sound so cryptic, I'm certain I can gain this person's permission, I might even be able to get an audio interview.

I'll say that this person is a relative and things happen around this person, a lot of things, hopefully I'll be able to put it down in writing or even audio, stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

One Year Ago Today

It's been exactly one year ago today that I made my last post, it's not that nothing has happened, but life has happened, lots of it. I still have "experiences", mostly on a daily basis, but nothing that has jumped up high enough to be written about.

Most of what has happened is that "little voice" type thing, turning left instead of turning right, slowing down or speeding up, as you can tell it's usually when I'm driving in my truck going all over west Texas to work.

That's all for now, I'm about to get ready to go out to work, we have been snowed in for several days, we don't get a lot of snow and it doesn't take much to bring everything to a halt out here. I'm not 100% sure I can get out of my neighborhood, we have unpaved roads in a very hilly/mountainous terrain, there is one hill I have to get up and I have no guarantee that my truck can make it, it just depends on how dry the road is, most of the snow is gone, we are just waiting on the roads to dry up.

I'm looking forward to a good 2016 :) 

Monday, December 29, 2014

I'm still here :)

Just a quick note to let everyone know I'm still alive and kicking :)

I have not seen that dark creature any more, every once in a while, at night while in bed, I'll look for a second toward the bathroom area where I saw it, it's clear as can be.

The only thing that has been happening to me lately, in the paranormal realm is I keep seeing this flash of light, it's a reflected light, usually located in a corner of my main living space, there isn't anything over there that should be able create a light. I don't know what it is or why it's happening, I feel pretty neutral about it.

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet around here, thus the lack of posts. Hope everyone had a great Christmas.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Rest of the Battle

In my previous post, written several months ago, I discussed a battle that went on right next to me, I hesitate to say it was a battle between this thing and MYSELF, as it was quite one sided, I had the ultimate power in the universe fighting this battle for me, all I had to do was pray which is what I was TOLD to do.

Now as to the "message" I was given, I was to die that night. That didn't frighten me, I've been there and I know what to expect. As I was praying, praising God, I felt a pressure on my head, it began pushing me down, as if I was going through my pillow, through my bed, I continued praying, telling God I was ready to go if it was my time, I know I was being pushed out of my body.

Then I though about PB, laying in the bed, he would find my lifeless body the following morning, that part would be sad for sure, but I also had some unfinished business, some financial business, I didn't have a will drawn up, he could potentially be left out in the cold, I told God, if this was His will, I would submit, but if it was possible, I would like enough time to get my earthly affairs in order, then I would gladly go.

I heard the phrase "2 weeks" in my head and the pressure stopped. After that, I continued praying for a while, then went to sleep.

I was not trying to negotiate for more time just to stay alive longer, I truly wanted to get my earthly affairs put together, I had no idea how my demise would happen, but I was ready to go when it did.

I had a talk with my preacher about this, though I was completely at peace about it, I just wanted at least one person to know what was going on, I also needed someone to witness my will, I had another person in mind but wouldn't tell that person until later. I also wanted someone to help PB get through losing me, he would have a great change in his life and would need the help of caring friends to do what needed to be done.

A few days later, I sought the advice of a very connected (to God) Christian, he is very spiritual, I had a long talk with he and his wife, I knew I could get confirmation from him about what happened to me that night, if the confirmation was that I was going to die within the time specified, then so be it, but if the confirmation was in the negative about that, well I would just see what happened.

After much discussion and deep prayer, he and his wife both felt like this wasn't a message from God, but instead a "parting gift" from this evil entity, it was trying to scare me, most people when challenged by death are so afraid of dying that they will try to beg their way out of it, or perhaps it was a way to try to distract me or test my faith. Either way, I have to say that it had just the opposite effect on me, that next two weeks, I walked around on clouds, I was almost ecstatic,  I was going to be with my Jesus, my God, death held no fear for me, I was ready and willing to go.

The 2 week period passed uneventfully, I did get some important things taken care of that I had put off for far too long. That creature has not been back nor do I expect to see it again, but if it should show itself again, I have no doubt about the outcome.


Monday, May 26, 2014

The Battle

A couple of nights ago, the shadow thing in the shower area appeared again, but before that happened, I was still up, working on my computer, I was thinking about going to bed, it was around midnight'ish, I usually take my MP3 player to bed with me, I usually listen to a Coast to Coast am downloaded podcast, this night I was "told"

"You need to pray."

It was emphatic yet matter of fact, it was not a request, it was a statement of what I needed to do, I fully believe that came directly from my Lord (the Christian God in case there is any question), I don't argue with that voice. I shut down my computer, I took my MP3 player and stuck it under my pillow, just in case it was a short prayer (grin), but didn't expect to turn it on that night.

I got in bed, turned to face the window that goes into the shower area and began to pray. My prayer started out simple enough, I asked for forgiveness of my sins, I thanked and praised God, then I said "here I am, what am I supposed to do?". I repeated that several times, being quiet and still between queries. That's when I began to see that shadow flitting around in the shower again.

It was the same thing I saw before 

 I began telling this thing that I wasn't afraid, and I began quoting Psalms 23, especially the part about "I will fear no evil, for You are with me, Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me",  and I truly had no fear, I began putting on the armor or God, praying the white light of protection around me and pleading the Blood of Jesus around me and against it.

This was a battle, but it felt like quite a one sided battle, it was not a struggle for me at all, I had the protection of my Father, this thing could do no harm, all it could do was leave, and eventually it did.

I have battled spiritual beings before, and it was a struggle, this time there was no struggle, none on my part, I just continued to pray until it was gone. I don't know how long that lasted, it could have been 10 minutes, it could have been an hour, time had no meaning right then.

Then I really went into praising my God, telling Him that He was my God, my Master, my Father, my Protector, I imagined kneeling at the feet of a King, giving my all to Him. That night I felt closer to my God than I have ever felt before.

There was more to the "message" I was given, but that part is private and I don't feel it's necessary to share it now, perhaps in the future I'll be able to, but for now, it was for me to hear.

I haven't seen that shadow creature since then, I have a feeling it's gone for good, but if it isn't, I know what to do. :)

I pray, but they are rarely formal-dry things quoted from memory, they are more like conversations, chats, praises, giving thanks, prayers are mostly started by myself, I think this is the first time a prayer session was "requested" of me like this, I must say, I rather like it :)